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  1. I can’t blame her too much honestly, she improved the bullpen a lot from 2020. Bass has always been pretty decent according to his peripherals, but for whatever reason, he’s been ass this season. Though Yimi was one they should have traded while his value was high. His history obviously foreshadowed this huge regression. But other than that the overall stats for the arms haven’t been terrible, it’s just been a mix of giving up the one run at the worst possible time in games tied 1–1 in the 8th, and Don mismanaging them really.
  2. I think they’ll get it done. Sandy seems to like it here and may be willing to sign a yelich-esque contract to make it happen. To answer your question though, I wouldn’t think so. They just improved his changeup and got good results from it so I think they’ll wait to see how much better he can get.
  3. I wouldn’t say I have a “dislike” for acquiring him, he’s just still a wild card in my eyes. I want to see them go after guys that can really produce right out of the gate
  4. I agree with you, I think their prospect capital is better spent elsewhere. Granted, if it only took a Cody Poteet/Zach Thompson/Monte Harrison type player to make it happen (which I don’t Believe is anywhere close to what they want) I would be ok with acquiring him.
  5. Which they absolutely should! There’s no fucking excuse anymore to keep dumping salary. The rebuild as a whole is nearing completion and the staff looks like it’s about to be great for years to come (assuming health). let’s get some good controllable hitters on this team and reward us miserable fucks who support this shit!
  6. Wait till you hear what they think about blueberry pie with a cup of black coffee...
  7. Yeah I was just making a point of saying that, despite not wanting either of the options, I’d rather give them 5 years to figure it out the way it took Buxton all these years to figure it out than trade a Meyer/Eder/Cabrera type arm for him. He isn’t good IMO and isn’t controllable after the season. That’s why I mentioned I’d make the trade but only for an Eloy Jimenez type player.
  8. two notes on this: firstly, the marlins traded Adrian Gonzalez for 2 months of Ugeth Urbina, the White Sox traded a generational talent in Tatis Jr for 2.5 seasons of crap from James shields. In other words, sometimes a desperate team overpays so the Marlins should 100% be setting the price high. I fully believe the Giants part with Bart for less than some may think mostly cause I feel they lost hope in him to a certain degree. They’re making a run THIS year and he is currently a non-factor in the team. If the marlins want him, now is definitely the time to acquire him while the price has never been lower. Second: I don’t fucking want buxton lol. He’s always hurt, he’s never been good at hitting till this season in a very small sample size, and most of his past value has come from defense and his speed. We have that already in Brinson and Monte Harrison. I’d rather keep them around 5 more years to give them a chance to figure out their potential as well than trade any of our top pitching for him. The marlins don’t need any more high ceiling wild cards. They need proven, consistent players that can consistently put at least a few runs on the board. The kind of package people are mentioning for Buxton is the kind of prospects I’d give up for an Eloy Jiménez. Yeah, pitching is our strength now and we need to trade from it, but no point in weakening it just to have another guy in the lineup with “potential” who struggles to be consistent or stay healthy. We have plenty of those...
  9. 0-11 with 8 K’s through 3 games....uffff most players go through a learning curve when they move up so I’m not saying he won’t figure it out to some degree. But given his K rate in single A it’s definitely not a good sign either.
  10. Dude wtf man....leave the fucking game alone already.
  11. Damn that’s crazy dude. I know from old baseball buddies of mine who played in the minors that it’s basically a labor of love but pretty much pays like a minimum wage job once it’s all said and done. Something like $11-$12k over the season but that’s for the entire year so it’s like making a grand a month which is tragic. From what theyve told me though I’ve always heard the teams pay the lodging and travel. The fact that the A’s are doing that is just a complete abuse of a player clinging to their last hope of reaching a lifelong dream.
  12. LMFAO. This is like in Seinfeld when George quits his job then comes back the next day like nothing happened and everyone's like...."uhhhh...."
  13. Yeah I guess I'm just projecting my personality on them lol I tend to want to be far as fuck from any and everyone when shit like that goes down until my mind heals up. I guess others (especially athletes) also have the mentality of using it as motivation and going out and "winning it" for them pretty much.
  14. Unfortunately this is the negative part of this fanattics agreement where they just throw garbage at the wall and see what sticks. Since, as far as I know, the point was that these items are basically print on demand so you can have a much wider array of products to sell. Just abysmal lol
  15. Yeah for sure, LaRussa is an idiot for doing that. Same last year with Tatis and the Padres apologizing for a grand slam like he’s just supposed to go up there and let three strikes go by. As for the minor leaguer thing I’m assuming you mean the service time manipulation? If so I’m with you that it’s messed up but unfortunately it’s within the rules of the CBA. It 100% needs to be addressed so that can’t happen going forward though. I’m probably missing something that makes it a bad option but maybe something where if they’re up that season for at least 20-30 games it counts as a full season for arbitration purposes. Something!
  16. Ah shit, poor guy. I always wonder how they just get right back to having to perform such a difficult feat (baseball) at such a high level after things like that. No death is easy but i'm just really hoping it's not his wife or child...
  17. There’s been a lot more of this lately. And I don’t mean quitting, but just blatant disrespect toward MLB teams by players on social media for sending them down, not bringing them back up, an in-game decision, judging a trade, etc. I really don’t think that’s a winning battle for the players as a negotiation tactic. Imagine teams were doing dramatic things like this on social to basically complain about a player. There’d be law suits from the union saying the team is hurting the players ability to get picked up by another team. I’m 100% for players/teams having gripes and being pissed about shit, but you handle that in the quiet of the owner’s/manager’s office and that goes both ways. P.S. I think this goes a bit further with Yermin cause he could have just requested to be traded. There’s either a small wire loose in the circuit or he’s playing a very heavy game of hardball with them.
  18. Hopefully he’s half as good as his pops and we’ll be in good shape
  19. Consistent with what I said that maybe they just rubbed Brenly the wrong way.
  20. There’s no way he’s in it for the long haul. I don’t think he’ll leave as soon as he breaks even though. He’ll stick around to collect some profit after recouping. But if the current “core” doesn’t pan out and there’s a fire sale, I think he leaves.
  21. Yeah you’re right actually, totally forgot about Yimi
  22. Gone: BULLPEN: maybe Floro and Bass though they won’t get much ultimately, and probably Thompson. He’s pitched well and now could be a good time to sell high on that. Outfield: Duvall will get traded for a bullpen arm with closer potential but is still ultimately unproven in the 9th that they’ll groom to close. Marte will get traded for a good but far away infield prospect and a fringe MLB outfielder to take his place. I really don’t think they’re going to bring up any of the outfielders yet. Otherwise Monte/Brinson will take his place and they’ll acquire a pitching prospect. infield: only one of Cooper or Aguilar will be traded and the other will go in the off-season. Coop May even go back to the Yankees to replace Voit, though not sure what they have in the way of prospect power that could interest the marlins. Aguilar would go to an AL team and In keeping with their “never enough” philosophy they’ll acquire more pitching prospects for him. Mariners would be a good option so they can put Ty France back at second and Aggy at first then DH him as well. Lewin will take over at first. What I wish they would do is acquire a cornerstone 3B someone may be looking to offload from the books. Going forward I see that and C as the biggest holes on the team. It’s time they start trading for some immediate upgrades in preparation for next season. The staff is the best we’ve had since the 1997 team and they need to build on that immediately.
  23. Oh ok, so hopefully a couple days till he feels better like what happened with Rogers earlier in the year.
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