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  1. No Jazz is my favorite player On the team right now honestly. I’m just saying we only have room for one big personality
  2. Yeah I feel like we only have room for one jazz on our team lol
  3. Remember I’m also a lifelong Red Sox Fan so seeing him in pinstripes makes him look like Hitler to me lol
  4. It’s odd that the Yankees felt they needed another power hitter who strikes out a third of the time. Their lineup issues are due to the fact that that’s pretty much all they have outside of Lamahieu, who isn’t even producing like himself this season.
  5. Not if Bryan De La Cruz has something to say about it.
  6. He publicly requested to be traded, publicly criticized trades the Marlins made on Twitter, talked a house of shit in his Yankees press conference. I’m not applauding him, he’d probably tear his hamstring trying to thank the crowd anyway.
  7. Yeah I would assume it’s a lefty/right platoon with Sierra in center.
  8. No but honestly, good teams keep players like him around. You don’t win 100 games by having a good starting lineup, half of those guys will inevitably spend time on the IL. You win 100 games by having good depth to step in and play when that inevitably happens
  9. Dang, Aggy making the decision tough tonight lol
  10. Oh for sure, even when Sanchez comes back. Sanchez in Left, De La Cruz in Center and whoever they decide to replace Duvall in right when he’s traded (I’d assume Brinson gets it to give him one last chance to show what he’s got)
  11. Fuck, this is exactly why I wanted to get rid of him before he blew up. Seems Mattingly was right, he’s not someone that can handle a full season.
  12. I don’t play a single game other than a crossword puzzle app I have and even I know there are PC games that don’t require a controller 😂
  13. The Marlins going by Kumar’s house with the other undrafted free agents:
  14. Oh no, I don’t mean that way thought that doesn’t hurt lol I mean that they rile the guys up and keep people motivated. When you’re playing 162 games a season with bumps and bruises and haven’t seen your family in months, that really makes a difference.
  15. That’s another thing that really keeps me from wanting to pull the trigger. Is that for sure though, did they already agree to it?
  16. Eh, he’s a tough one, cause he should be able to get at least a pretty good bullpen arm but the team needs his kind of personality around. He’s like Miggy in that he elevates the people around him.
  17. They need someone to add to the bullpen that will give up 6 runs every time out. How else are they going to secretly tank the Rest of season for a top pick next year?
  18. I just hope they don’t go after Jo Adell, dude seems to have “bust” written all over him and I can’t handle another Brinson Situation. I understand he hasn’t had much experience in the big leagues but it’s not the struggles per se, but the way he struggled that put me off. And they agree cause he hasn’t come back up this season so they obviously don’t think he’s ready
  19. All I hear is a buy low opportunity lol If he had seen immediate success he would have cost us a fortune.
  20. Chris Archer is one, and we can all see how bad that’s affected him. He wasn’t lights out before but he’s borderline useless now
  21. You’ll see man. By next season, they’re going to eliminate his sinker and or teach him a cutter along with further developing his changeup and get him on track. His sinker and changeup are both pitches that have arm side run, so as long as the hitter can eliminate the curve out of his hand, they can pretty much keep their hands inside the ball and guess right for the most part. Plus the A’s mismanaged him terribly. They rushed him and then threw him back and forth between the bullpen and rotation. Those who have played know that 90% of the game is played between the ears and that kind of shit fucks with your head.
  22. What team is going to give up a GOOD controllable center fielder for a good center fielder that will be gone in two months? So trading Marte for a Center Fielder was never an option. if anything, what they asked for is just proof that the offensive pieces they are looking to acquire will come at the expense of pitching (hence why they needed Luzardo)
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