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  1. Dude Im sorry, but there have been too many players over the years who leave here and suddenly become either good or great with a new team that I’m thoroughly convinced the development with this team is flawed. The pitching has been much improved lately but the offensive prospects come up and shit the bed or just end up mediocre (really only Yelich, Stanton, and Realmuto have come up in the last decade and reached any sort of potential).
  2. Wasn’t it after they traded Cimber? Maybe it was to take his spot?
  3. I can, the 2020 Red Sox, and they purposely gave up last year to get a good draft pick, which is obviously what the Marlins are doing here. And I know the Sox tanked cause pretty much the same group of guys is the best team in the MLB right now. Last year, Roenicke managed the lineup and bullpen in the most inexplicable ways that led to avoidable losses. Sorta like someone we know.
  4. The fact that they still haven't picked up someone decent to fill in the rotation is just further proof of them not even making the slightest attempt at winning.
  5. Dude if Rowdy got them Trevor Richards, Aggy should be able to pull us a really good reliever. Hoping they don’t fuck that one up.
  6. The real answer is thinking a workplace is too white is JUST AS BAD as thinking it’s too black. Or too Hispanic. Or too Asian. A whole lot of people are out here asking for equality but what they want is preferential treatment and a Star next to their name. How about if the workforce is getting the job done it’s a perfect workforce as is. BTW I’m a first generation Cuban American so don’t go calling me a white supremacist lol.
  7. Oh, and draft the best available college hitter with good contact ability. This team has too many all or nothing dudes, we need a Pierre/Castillo type guy that just finds a way to always be on base. They did well with pitching last year, let’s work on the offense now
  8. The fastest way to make this team better is to fire anyone involved with the offensive game plan cause it just is not working. They’re the only team you never see jump on fastballs and pull them with authority. This “take it the other way” philosophy is shit and has to go. But as for the players: 1B. Bring up Lewin and let him develop his game in the big leagues. I love Aggy but he has no future here at present. Trade him at the deadline for a bullpen arm that is major league ready and a minor league arm. 2B. I’m good with Jazz there. I feel we’re pretty much seeing the floor of his potential and he’ll get even better from here each season. 3B. I hope BA has an awesome end of the year and then gets traded in the off-season cause I don’t trust him at all as a long term piece. He’s just way too streaky. This team is missing that cornerstone bat, and I think 3B is a position we may be able to find a good bat for either through trade or Free Agency. SS. Sign miggy, let him retire here. Not only is he a decent player but it’s pretty clear he helps get the most out of his teammates and every team needs that kind of dude. In a couple of seasons you have some of these shortstops prospects closer to being ready or sign someone in free agency. Catcher: Send Alfaro down to work on his catching game with whatever minor league affiliate has the best catching coach. And bring up Lorenzo Quintana to see if there may be something there. If after next season there’s no improvement, move on from him and sign a Travis D’arnaud type player in free agency that may surprise. Outfield: Sign Marte, he can start for now and help transition Bleday/Burdick/Misner/Encarnacion and then be a really good 4th outfielder in a couple of seasons. Trade Duvall this deadline for a controllable bullpen arm that can strike dudes out and replace him with whoever is most ready out of Bleday or Encarnacion. I’m honestly not convinced about Sanchez, the swing is a little too max-effort for me and lends itself to getting exposed. I said the same thing about Brinson and he’s proven me right so far. Though I’m rooting for him very hard, he definitely has great potential.
  9. God this team is frustrating. When they score 6 runs, the bullpen gives up 7. The pitching is great like tonight and they don’t score. Fucking tiring already to watch it honestly, but I still do lol
  10. As I mentioned in the vaccines topic: It’s a shitty situation to be in, but no one, especially a government entity, should tell you what to do with your body (and that includes prostitution if someone wants to start a prostitution topic too lol). I also agree with @Johnny Reb, equality means equality. If the woman can decide to physically keep it, then a man should be legally allowed to disown it pre-birth. I’m not saying it’s the “right” or honorable thing to do, but the freedom of choice needs to extend both ways. I can acknowledge the predicament one would be in when trying to figure out how to handle a situation where the man wants it and the woman doesn’t. At first thought you could say to require the woman to have it and then give the man full, irrevocable custody after the birth. But that’s wrong on two levels; you still have a law forcing her to have it for his sake which is wrong, and you’re forcing her to give birth to a kid she didn’t want originally but may develop feelings for once that oxytocin flows after birth or that may kill her during birth altogether so that’s fucked up too. Not an easy one there.
  11. Classic troll. You insert yourself into the conversation then act like you never cared in the first place. Super original. I’ve said my piece.
  12. How the fuck do you know that? As a matter of fact I would have, because I enjoy thoughtful conversation and friendly debates (hence why I’ve inexplicably been on this forum for 18 years). The part that bothers me is you brought in a whole other topic to try to “gotcha” me cause you thought I was some lapel pin-wearing good old boy that picks and chooses when to tell people what to do. I even prefaced my vaccine comment saying I had no interest in the conversation itself, but I added my two cents in a non-violent, non-confrontational way STRICTLY BECAUSE I’m the kind of guy that would have responded even if the entire topic were about abortions. But this is not just with me, you’re the most obnoxious person on here who is hated by 80% of the forum for a reason. You have nothing better to do than directly antagonize people and that’s sad. I feel sorry that you’re so bored with your life that you feel the need to jump on a forum for a team you publicly disowned just to be a dick.
  13. I know, there are just less leading ways to ask things though. Plus, the topic is about vaccines, not abortions so it was just an annoying red herring he felt like bringing in.
  14. Wow, genuinely a pure salary dump move then. Very Loria-esque.
  15. No I’m glad Dickerson is gone, I just think it was a shitty trade. Granted, that all depends on the prospect coming over. The Blue jays did send over Conine for basically a month of Villar last season so they have a recent history of overpaying the Marlins lol
  16. Yeah I’m all for trading Cimber, they basically got him for $100k if I remember correctly and this team is 100% out of it so overproducing bullpen arms like him are a good piece to move. And I’m pretty sure the trade was originally centered around only Cimber. It’s just annoying they had to package Dickerson in with him just for some salary relief.
  17. The only positive I’m trying to take out of this is they did it to free a roster spot for Edward Cabrera
  18. I meant that they waited till he was injured, but yeah Dickerson doesn’t mesh with what the marlins hitting philosophy is. I fully expect him to do great with the blue jays though, especially playing in that bandbox.
  19. I just realized that Cimber going too!....what the hell?
  20. Holy crap, way to trade him at his low point. Unless they got a crazy good minor league pitcher (which I doubt) this is either a straight salary dump or ymthere was some kind of falling out with the team (which I also doubt). I’ll wait to pass judgement Until we see who the pitcher is.
  21. Hmm, that could work! Take it a Step further what’s the tie breaker?
  22. Yeah I agree with you on that, there were definitely a couple of guys hitting below .200 on that list who were only there cause of who they are. What stat do you think should be the determining factor? OPS? WAR?
  23. I’m all for something like this as part of a “skills” style competition the way the NBA and NFL do. Maybe a target game for pitchers as well. Billy Hamilton is in it for sure, Tim Locastro, I’d put Jazz in it too, maybe Byron Buxton?
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