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  1. Or the Loria special which was to trade all your players to one team and get 8 shitty players in return cause they liked quantity over quality.
  2. I think based on what they’ve been able to do with Trevor, they’re going to do a great job with Luzardo as well. Perfect return for this trade, really happy about it!
  3. Dude I really hope not lol unless I’m mistaken, he’s a free agent after the year. For that we’d have kept Marte
  4. The front office prayed for good players and Jesus came through for them... All three Jesus(s) came through.
  5. Yeah he’s definitely taking another pitchers spot who will be traded. Some thoughts would be Eder, Mccambley, or Eliezer. He’s struggled so far but dominated in the minors. I have faith in Stot Jr. To be able to work with him to get him going. Better than throwing Holloway out there.
  6. Wooooow super glad to hear they’re sending substantial money. Huge departure from the previous regime and should hopefully bode well for the return.
  7. Given that they drafted multiple catchers this year it would be dumb I think to trade for a “catcher of the future” so I hope it’s not that lol I’m good with signing a good veteran catcher in the off-season for a 2-3 year period though. I can’t imagine they give up much for 2 months of Marte but I’m hoping we get lucky!
  8. After this interest in him last off-season I wouldn’t doubt that Contreras is someone they’re in talks about.
  9. I’ve learned over the years not to put too much stock into the ups and downs of a player in the minors and instead focus on the mechanics of the player. That swing and his body mechanics are as compact as it gets so I have confidence that long term he’ll have no issues with the bat. The more compact the swing and mechanics, the deeper you can allow the pitch to travel which should help with pitch recognition in the big leagues. Typically the inability to lay off high fastballs and breaking balls out of the zone is what makes a rookie “struggle” when they come up so as long as he can improve that part of his game he’s good. Plus remember two things; we don’t know if they’ve specifically told him to swing at only breaking pitches when possible to work on a specific part of his game, and he’s gone through two tweaks of his swing recently so there’s always that adjustment period. I believe in him long term
  10. Funny you say that, every time I go to Marlins Park I can’t help but feel that it affects our players mentally to play there which leads to them trying to hard to hit it out of a big stadium with “dead” air most nights. They seem to hit well everywhere but there 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Me neither lol I usually just Check their dWAR to get an idea but I’m sure there are better metrics
  12. Mullins auditioning for the Marlins lol
  13. Shit, if they got it like that then let’s do it lol
  14. Really tough blow for the Nats and Stras, but good news for the Marlins long term I guess. Very few come back from that with any success.
  15. Yeah dude, totally over it. Feels like this team is cursed sometimes and I don’t even believe in that kind of shit lol
  16. Either of those two would be an incredible pickup in my book honestly
  17. JT was drafted as a shortstop and then converted to catcher and he was great, yet the catchers they’ve drafted (not named Charles Johnson) have all sucked. I think we’re better off converting Khalil to Catcher and Mack to a closer in accordance with the marlins C.O.L.
  18. Some possible combos from the same team For the sake of conversation: Buxton & Garver for a pitching package including an MLB starter we may be sad to see go or Meyer (I’d hate it) Mccann & Conforto for Marte, Alfaro And prospects Vázquez and Durran for Pablo (wouldn’t be against it. Christian calls a great game and can hit well for a catcher As I said, just for conversation, Not saying I specifically want any of them to happen or think they will. Just getting the rumor mill going lol
  19. Yeah but the same thing goes with him as Bart, you just don’t know what you get with him since this is the first time he’s played a full season. Plus, he’s pretty much what we’ll get with Bleday when he comes up. The amount of control doesn’t bother me actually. I think the best way for them to proceed given their limited resources is to keep getting these Marte types with a season or two of control to both produce and bridge the gap to the outfield prospects and later flip for more assets to fill areas of need. Otherwise, to get an impact player with 4-5 seasons of control they’ll have to give up 1-2 A++ prospects and I’m not really with that. I prefer filling the team with solid 2-3 war guys than a 4 war guy and a bunch of fringe major leaguers. For example, the Red Sox signed Hunter Renfroe for a little over $4M and he’s been one of the best pickups of the the past 10 years for them. If this team is smart, they can find multiple good players, platoon them correctly and get just as much production as some of these 15M-20M AAV players (a’la Tampa Bay) They just have to stop acting like Berti, Devers, Sierra, Wallach, Brinson, Marrero are major league players and get some real pieces to fill the roster (sorry for the long reply lol)
  20. This is the kind of depth move that great teams make. I don’t know much about their prospects but it doesn’t seem like they gave up much.
  21. Alright, let’s throw around some possible scenarios. I’ll start.... I’m really interested in Trey Mancini. He can play some outfield and be the right handed platoon to Lewin going forward at first base too. He’s basically a much better version of Coop with the ability to stay healthy (obviously other than the Cancer situation which hopefully never reappears). I prefer him to Mullins 100000%, what do you think it would take to acquire him?
  22. Yup, that’s why I’m over prospects already, give me some tried and true 30 year old with a proven track record and 3 kids. This is also my philosophy regarding my dating life lol
  23. Yeah he manages the bullpen like it’s still 1999. Everyone has their inning, lefty-lefty matchups, and the closer is the closer even though he can’t close
  24. You know what, you’re right, they made an effort to acquire “strike throwers” so the fact that it hasn’t worked is their fault to some degree. Floro, Bass, and Curtiss are basically the same dude out of the pen lol. As for Tampa, those guys are my organizational crush lol They should be nicknamed “nature”, cause they “find a way” to win...yup that’s a Jurassic Park reference
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