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  1. Good point, I would bet they at least had a conversation about him yeah
  2. Exactly what a team wishing to contend does when they lose a player, go out a get a player with at least some semblance of major league success. They don’t call up Luis Marte or Jose Devers
  3. How is a car going to help this team?
  4. I’ve been to Japan...businesses have signs banning foreigners and saying “Japanese only”. I do not feel bad for a multi millionaire Japanese guy who can fight his own battles. Especially on something like racism. If he wants he can go fuck up Stephen, otherwise it ain’t my problem.
  5. Well I never said he was a bad teammate or bad person for that matter. I just said that, at least on the field, he didn’t give off a very friendly demeanor that would help in convincing a player in Acuña’s situation that there wasn’t a malicious intent. Had it been a personality like Aguilar’s on the mound, maybe Acuña sees it as accidental from the start. My opinion, just as you have yours 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. The Zero bar is probably second, then you have Baby Ruth, Pay Day, and 3 musketeers rounding out the top five.
  7. Reese’s fastbreak. 🤤
  8. Really excited to see his development. I remember him mentioning he changed his swing mechanics before the season which obviously seems to be working. Let’s see how he fares against better pitching as he comes up.
  9. Those two platforms especially are a cesspool.
  10. Per Braves official Twitter: “OF Ronald Acuña Jr. underwent an MRI today that showed a complete tear of his right ACL. He will undergo season-ending surgery.” Pretty much what we expected given he had to be carted off the field. He’ll probably miss some time at the beginning of next season as well.
  11. Obviously the K Rate is high enough that you’d would expect a pretty good amount of regression as he moves up the system, but that swing is smoooooth. No unnecessary body/head movement, great spine angle. Even if he ends up with an Adam Duvall offensive ceiling (low average, elite slugging) they have a tremendous steal on their hands for a month of Villar. He’s getting up there in age though, he should be at double A already to be honest. Nothing left to prove in A Ball.
  12. I believe Meyer started at single A then was sent up to Pensacola. And Obviously Sanchez came up to the Bigs but I’m sure you mean promoted within the minor league system.
  13. Expect a statement on this from Manfred and the union shortly.
  14. Yup I agree, I just think they don’t want to shut him up really. For whatever reason, he’s become a darling of the MLB 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Cause you can attack the marlins, but not the Red Sox. They’re too much of a cornerstone franchise for the baseball media to make a villain out of. The other factor is the original instigator was Ureña and let’s face it, super unlikable dude lol. I honestly have zero memory of him ever smiling.
  16. He’d make him the closer, obviously.
  17. Yeah I prefer high school girls (18+ in case the FBI has a profile on this site)
  18. Turns out it did! Extended it another 7 days according to MLBTR
  19. Mattingly played a little 3rd base with the Yankees (even started a 5-4-3 double play once) so I wouldn’t put it past him to put a lefty at second lol
  20. One positive is that he got the blown save out of the way and came back with some fire. Hopefully he’s lights out the rest of the season as he has been
  21. Obviously yeah, but of the past 15 years of first round picks that’s all we have to show for it (and now Rogers hopefully...Ozuna was signed out of DR). You have skipworth, Chad James, Sean west, Tyler Kolek, Andrew Heaney, Colin Moran, Matt Dominguez, Blake Anderson, Braxton Garret, Josh Naylor all either as busts or Just ended up as shitty players. Those are all first rounders! Not to mentioned the 2nd- 3rd round picks that you would expect to have at least some semblance of utility. It’s a combination of shitty drafting and the inability to correctly develop players.
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