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  1. I can't believe how rude and disrespecting most of you posters are being. It's absolutely discouraging and something that this site is not known for. I'm absolutely disgusted by how most of you are going around displaying your opinion. It's disgusting and I'm ashamed to read threads like these especially from marlinbaseball.com. We're 5-2 with a team put together by Beinfest of prospects. Beinfest has built this team that you're cheering for and he has brought in some GREAT band-aid closers who have won big in free agency the season after. He's bound to miss on a closer sooner or later. He
  2. Crau

    Opening Day!

    Baseball. Florida Marlins baseball. Damn I miss it, let's get it on..
  3. Ballin is probablly the worst song in the world. All rap is just trash at this point. If people can write a song about putting sneakers on then we might as well make a song about rally caps in the 7th inning. Ignorance is Bliss.
  4. Congrats CabreraFan.. During the No-No we should have tried harder to get your sign on the jumbotron Glad you had a good time..
  5. I'd like to apologize, I was pretty anxious and couldn't keep the camera straight then I lost my mind and forgot I had the camera in my hand. After the out I was toooooo excited to hold it still..
  6. Uhm, I got excited and kinda missed the out.. but you can get the gist of the crowd with the noise. I had great seats thanks again TSwift. 2,000 fans sound like 40,000 :thumbup edit: kinda forgot to post the link
  7. I have yet to go to a game this season, but I had bought tickets a month or so ago to catch a game with my parents. My mom was diagnosed with Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope and was hospitalized and we were unable to go to the game. She has been hospitilized on 3 different occasion with the least amount of time spent at the hospital being 5 days. She is doing much better now, they're regulating her blood levels(She got a blood clot after complications from a prior surgery 2 months ago) and she's on a heart monitor. She started going back to work and I'd like to relieve her stress a bit by sitting b
  8. The Pimp > Gagne.. Then watching Sportscenter and have them show that game first, before anything, with no music just the highlights.
  9. Sadly, I recieved the exact email response..
  10. Why do people on these forums keep insulting another member of the board because of the difference in opinion.. Attack the post not the poster..
  11. The more I think about how young we'll be the more I'm anticipating if these players will pan out in any way they've been projected to, this team is going to be EXCITING. Hopefully if this organization can get a stadium locked up they can finally dish out long term contracts that might actually expire with the organization. Lock up Willis and Cabrera 2008.
  12. Yes.. I'm young enough to have only followed the Florida Marlins and if they were to relocate I'd cheer and root for that organization that filled my baseball void for my 17 years. This is the case, unless, another team is brought to South Florida.
  13. Maybe the Marlins at the time were in talks to bring in a stud CF in another trade?
  14. Every thread on these forums since Spike has started posting has an unneeded insult and he claims his Oracle type powers to predict Willingham wont start next season. Please, stay on topic and just stop starting debates that have no direction or overall interest for the site. To get back on topic, bring this speedster in. I'm excited about a young team with alot of upside. Question is do we keep Dookey and Castillo to help anchor all these young players or do we trade away those veterans and throw all the rookies in with the lions, sit back and enjoy the show. No Matter what next sea
  15. We're going to be fielding nearly the same team outside, Delgado will be here next season. Stop jumping the gun, sit back and let what happens happen. This team, even if shopping Delgado, will field a competive team because we have two Ace pitchers and Miguel Cabrera. If it wasn't for some players have career lows last season the Marlins would have been in the postseason.
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