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Trade Tidbits from the Palm Beach Post


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Baseball sources said the Marlins have been aiming for a $40 million payroll, so there is a chance they might not trade any more front-line players, such as second baseman Luis Castillo (owed $5 million in 2006) or catcher Paul Lo Duca ($6.25 million).


Marlins officials won't know if they need to make more moves until Loria returns from Italy after Thanksgiving.


Thank goodness. The FO needs to take a deep breathe and survey the landscape before deciding what moves are best going forward.


The Marlins have spoken in recent days with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays about 24-year-old center fielder Joey Gathright, considered one of the fastest base runners in the majors.


Last season, Gathright hit.276 and stole 20 bases in 76 games with the Devil Rays. If he comes to Florida, he might replace Juan Pierre, who could make at least $5 million next season through arbitration. The Marlins are trying to trade Pierre; the Chicago Cubs and White Sox have shown interest. If the Marlins can't trade Pierre, they might let him become a free agent.



OK, so do we send a few of our pitching prospects to the Devil Rays to get Gathright? And then trade Pierre to the Cubs?


Or would we be better off trying to work out a 3 team trade. Cubs get Pierre, we get Gathright and the DRays get prospects.


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Every thread on these forums since Spike has started posting has an unneeded insult and he claims his Oracle type powers to predict Willingham wont start next season. Please, stay on topic and just stop starting debates that have no direction or overall interest for the site.


To get back on topic, bring this speedster in. I'm excited about a young team with alot of upside.


Question is do we keep Dookey and Castillo to help anchor all these young players or do we trade away those veterans and throw all the rookies in with the lions, sit back and enjoy the show.


No Matter what next season is going to be exciting and interesting.

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Question is do we keep Dookey and Castillo to help anchor all these young players or do we trade away those veterans and throw all the rookies in with the lions, sit back and enjoy the show.



We should keep LoDuca and Castillo, IMHO. We need some veteran leadership and these would be two great guys to have.

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The more I think about how young we'll be the more I'm anticipating if these players will pan out in any way they've been projected to, this team is going to be EXCITING.


Hopefully if this organization can get a stadium locked up they can finally dish out long term contracts that might actually expire with the organization.


Lock up Willis and Cabrera 2008.

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I agree to dump Pierre and LoDuca. They need to get Gathright. I was impressed every time I saw him play. If he comes in, I think that he's there in SBs nest season with Reyes and Pierre. So where's the loss? They also need to get a young defensive-minded catcher and a LF who can catch the ball and have a bat enough to be a starter. I'm concerned about Aguila and Willingham for opposite reasons. 1 can hit, but can't catch; the other can catch, but can't hit. If we can't find that OF, can we get a scientist under our budget and have him genetically combine Aguila and Willingham?


If we dump Castillo, I only would do it for a guy like R. Cano. How about this? 3-way deal between Yanks, Fish, and D-Rays: Yanks get Pierre, Castillo, & Baez; Fish get R. Cano & Gathright; D-Rays get prospects from both teams.


Also, with the free money, get D-Train and Miggy signed yesterday to long term deals.



Next year's team?







LF (someone that can start over Aguila & Willingham)

H. Ramirez

C (young defensive player)


Willis, Vargas, Petit, Sanchez, Johnson, Olsen (whoever is left) & a re-tooled young staff & bullpen.

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