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  1. I'm very surprised it says he spent the complete game in LF. Usually you only are on the field when your team is on defense.
  2. Having all that SP depth definitely makes a difference here. This doesn't feel like the downfall of our organization like big injuries used to feel.
  3. Assuming the Marlins tried to get a position player first for Marte and assuming that no position player materialized then yes getting Luzardo after all that was the right move. But yes we don't know if the first part of that sentence is true or not.
  4. SilverBullet


    I don't think it was dumb at the time. I think it was meant to be a trade to benefit both sides and could have been that. The Marlins wanted experienced relievers and Vesia wasn't experienced. Floro hasn't been horrific here. The problem, obviously, is that Vesia got really good and has become the quality reliever that the Marlins now need but I don't think that changes what the Marlins were going for when the trade was made.
  5. I don't think @taiwanmarlin was comparing the accomplishments of Rojas to Posey. I think he was just expressing hope that Rojas remains a Marlin for the rest of his career like Posey will remain a Giant.
  6. In discussing Edward Cabrera's debut on MLB Network, they spoke of the Marlins rotation and on the team being in last place now and their future plans and John Smoltz said "This team can go from last to first really quickly if they find offense." Pedro Martinez said they're just one or two good free agents away from contending. Brian Kenny mentioned run differential and said the team is not as bad as their record and that they could turn it around next year. They listed all the current last place teams and said it's clear that the Marlins are the one team best positioned to contend next. The point is, it's getting really obvious to everyone what this team needs to do heading into 2022... let's see if the front office realizes it and takes action.
  7. Maybe this is what Jeter and Ng are focusing more on. "We know the MLB club is scuffling but rest assured we are putting countless resources into improving the cooler celebrations at all levels of the organization. With a little patience this organization can have on-field celebrations that our entire community can be proud of."
  8. This thread makes me realize how many movies I have never seen before.
  9. LMAO this is a metaphor for our season.
  10. Starting to feel like it's less fans like that though. Even the patient diehards are starting to be worn down by this garbage.
  11. Feels like this is the organization's motto.
  12. I told you all that this Alfaro kid is good! Donnie needs to give him a chance!
  13. I like wearing the primary whites more than the alternates as a general rule but all their jerseys could use some tweaks. If the white jersey said Marlins instead of Miami I think that would be a significant upgrade to what you're asking for. I'm ok with the black jerseys being limited to once or twice a week.
  14. The thread title says this is a HAPPY Edward Cabrera Day... that's false advertisement because I sure as hell am not happy about this one.
  15. There's pretty much no reason to watch this team this year, even on supposed good days like today. Maybe Bally's Sports and YouTube TV were onto something. They did me a favor, sparing me of this miserable team this year.
  16. That Alfaro kid ain't bad, Donnie should give him a shot.
  17. Why do the Nationals write the color of the player's pants on the back of their jerseys? That's weird.
  18. Lewis Brinson is hitting clean up???? Damn we must have fleeced the Brewers in that Yelich trade!
  19. I don't see why we wouldn't, we signed him to a very team friendly extension.
  20. Haven't been in a game thread in a while, why isn't Marte in the lineup?
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