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  1. Wouldn't shock me if that was the day his career started it's downward spiral.
  2. It's a good week to have the last name Cabrera.
  3. How is no one else bothered by the stained roof tiles in that video?
  4. Along Came Polly
  5. As I said months ago, I'm not convinced that Mattingly is locked in for 2022 and if we keep having more stretches like this previous week then Donnie is gonna get himself fired. They picked up his 2022 option more out of a formality/out of courtesy, but Donnie still has to show that it was the right move. All he really has to do is have them playing the game right and proving they can still win some ballgames here and there. A few more seven game losing streaks is exactly what Donnie can't let happen now.
  6. Are we suddenly changing usernames to reference penis sizes?
  7. This thread is some @rmc523 level stalking.
  8. Being upset at Posey is one thing but I'm still not ok with how many people ignored how rude he was. If it was the other way around and a Marlins catcher said he didn't have to accept Posey's apology it would be seen so differently.
  9. Everyone always says we need bats but I think the team already has plenty of bats and the bats alone can't create a better offense, I think they'd be better off trying to get players who are better at hitting and scoring runs with those bats.
  10. And right before this, when we swept the Cubs, I thought we at least were gonna find some footing and show some consistency the last few weeks. What the heck was I thinking?
  11. Fire in the Sky, I never saw it but the trailer and other imagery scared me as a kid and it stuck with me ever since. What's the Mandela effect about it?
  12. How do the umps know it was a foreign substance? I mean Caleb is an American, I would imagine he uses American substances instead of foreign ones.
  13. SilverBullet


    Why do I have to get it for you?
  14. SilverBullet


    Had these today...
  15. Does anyone actually call the actual fire department anymore? I'm pretty sure people call 911 and they contact the fire department for you.
  16. My wife says this with the same enthusiasm.
  17. Teenagers give you wood?
  18. I'm a little busy tonight but hopefully the team can do for the win instead of us.
  19. Yea I love how breakfast is so simple yet with a little creativity even that simplicity can be turned up a notch.
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