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  1. I slept on the couch last night, these guys should probably use this as a training experience for married life.
  2. You should try storing it in containers, that might prevent your fridge from smelling so bad when you open it.
  3. Lol always something with those Mets... https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/09/mets-general-manager-zack-scott-dui-charges.html
  4. It's not that, it's not his age and he can still be a successful manager elsewhere, this isn't a total knock on Donnie himself, or at least it shouldn't be. Donnie's strengths are clubhouse management, sticking up for his players. teaching young players how to work hard and play the right way, he's a great mentor to young players... stuff like that. He's already done all of that for the Marlins and he can definitely still do that for another team if the opportunity arises. But now the next step is turning the Marlins into a consistent on-field winner and Donnie has a whole bunch of decision making issues that are now preventing the Marlins from doing that. So Donnie was great here for a long time... but it's time to make a change... this doesn't mean Donnie can't still be a successful manager and it doesn't mean that Donnie hasn't done great things for the Marlins. It doesn't even mean Donnie is a "bad" manager. It just means Don Mattingly likely isn't the right man to lead the Miami Marlins anymore.
  5. I think Donnie did prove why he was a good hire. He did a lot right here. Them liking Don isn't the problem. The problem is them being too stubborn to move on when it's clear Donnie's time is up here. Most managers have a shelf life and sometimes the team just needs a change. That time is already here for the Marlins. This doesn't make Donnie's prior time here a waste either. He did a lot for this team but he's already peaked and passed his best days with the Marlins.
  6. So whoever the Marlins cut doesn't turn into a future Hall of Famer? Or is this still the case? I'm so confused, what's the latest narrative on this say?
  7. I loved this quote about Derek Jeter being booed in NY: For all the frustrations about Jeter and the Marlins this season I'm so glad to have that guy as our leader with his mindset as far as winning and playing the game right being the bottom line. I genuinely cannot imagine the Marlins doing anything like this under Jeter. I'm no Mets fan but Steve Cohen has to put his foot down immediately and change the attitudes there. He has a chance to really change the culture around the Mets and players like Baez need to be held accountable and preferably removed from the organization entirely. And I feel bad for Luis Rojas on this one. Not sure how well he can handle this with his inexperience. Not that he can't but I'm saying it's not like Dusty Baker walking into the clubhouse putting a stop to this with one flick of a toothpick. Rojas may have some serious work to do here, as if he doesn't have enough to worry about with the on field issues.
  8. MLB wants to push young stars with personalities but way too many of those personalities are also disrespectful punks and Javier Baez is dragging the Mets down to even lower levels of "Mets gonna Met"... apparently Baez, Lindor, Pillar, and Stroman think it's ok to disrespect your fanbase. I'm glad the Mets have already spoken out against this. This is unacceptable... https://nypost.com/2021/08/29/mets-javier-baezs-foolish-war-with-fans-is-colossal-mistake/ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/30/sports/baseball/mets-fans-thumbs-down.html?referringSource=articleShare
  9. I don't know the answer but it's gotta be some issue in development because I was thinking yesterday of how many hitters we've acquired the last several seasons and we don't need them all to be superstars but just a fair number of them and it's almost as if not one of them has figured it out. On the pitching side, not everyone has worked out either but several have broken through and that's what we don't have when it comes to hitting. They need to really evaluate the hitting philosophies.
  10. I thought you didn't drink? Maybe it was easy because everyone was drunk and you were the only sober player?
  11. I'm very surprised it says he spent the complete game in LF. Usually you only are on the field when your team is on defense.
  12. Having all that SP depth definitely makes a difference here. This doesn't feel like the downfall of our organization like big injuries used to feel.
  13. Assuming the Marlins tried to get a position player first for Marte and assuming that no position player materialized then yes getting Luzardo after all that was the right move. But yes we don't know if the first part of that sentence is true or not.
  14. SilverBullet


    I don't think it was dumb at the time. I think it was meant to be a trade to benefit both sides and could have been that. The Marlins wanted experienced relievers and Vesia wasn't experienced. Floro hasn't been horrific here. The problem, obviously, is that Vesia got really good and has become the quality reliever that the Marlins now need but I don't think that changes what the Marlins were going for when the trade was made.
  15. I don't think @taiwanmarlin was comparing the accomplishments of Rojas to Posey. I think he was just expressing hope that Rojas remains a Marlin for the rest of his career like Posey will remain a Giant.
  16. In discussing Edward Cabrera's debut on MLB Network, they spoke of the Marlins rotation and on the team being in last place now and their future plans and John Smoltz said "This team can go from last to first really quickly if they find offense." Pedro Martinez said they're just one or two good free agents away from contending. Brian Kenny mentioned run differential and said the team is not as bad as their record and that they could turn it around next year. They listed all the current last place teams and said it's clear that the Marlins are the one team best positioned to contend next. The point is, it's getting really obvious to everyone what this team needs to do heading into 2022... let's see if the front office realizes it and takes action.
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