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  1. No that doesn't seem right. Castellanos would fill the role that Marte would have filled if he accepted their extension offer. That offer was about 40M so that 40M would be their allocation for that one role, it's not their entire total budget.
  2. Before he goes ask him if he can still hit big league pitching?
  3. You think he knows Josh Naylor's number?
  4. Well I'd assume the training staff members and their families would be upset about it.
  5. That's my constant worry with free agency, even if they want to spend they can always be outbid and we know this team isn't going to ridiculously overpay either, nor should they. There's no guarantee they get what they really want in free agency.
  6. This front office sticks to their supposed plan so stubbornly, I think it's because Loria did the opposite of that so they're trying to not fall down the Loria path. It can be frustrating for us but at the same time, if the time for their plan to add in free agency is finally here then I'm very open to seeing what they do.
  7. There's no right or wrong way to build a front office but the Rockies keep promoting from within their organization. If there ever was a team that should look to bring in a new voice from outside it's them. I'm talking about their GM promotion of course.
  8. That's a minute too late for @taiwanmarlin
  9. Nitpicking but the thread title is potentially untrue, he won't be the manager but because of his 16 year history with the Mets he was offered another role so he may still actually be back.
  10. Also they're looking for a new president of baseball ops and will let that person choose their own manager which makes sense regardless of what Rojas did or didn't do.
  11. We can be skeptical but that is definitely a different take from Jeter than in the past where he always just said "be patient" over and over. At least now he sounds like he wants stuff done. Let's see.
  12. This got me thinking. Mattingly is almost for sure gone after 2022 because I doubt we're a 100 win team in 22 so I think that's more reason to can him now especially if they think they're contending next season. A lame duck manager going into a season where you expect to finally start being a real contender? Get the next guy in before that expected season comes.
  13. Been saying this for months. His option was picked up as a formality.
  14. If the Rays become champs you're going with them to Montreal?
  15. Not even the Marlins? I'd be ecstatic if they somehow found a way to still win it this year.
  16. This is what I mean. Makes too much sense for both sides.
  17. I have never seen the broadcast show the players lacing up their cleats, is this something they recently started showing?
  18. No I read ya, I'm not arguing that you enjoyed it... I'm just saying there's a very short list of people who enjoyed that season and overall, for most Marlins fans, it's without question one of the worst seasons they've ever had.
  19. This is a pure homer line from you. 1998 was a complete embarrassment. I know what that season led to and I know you love Piazza but that season itself was God awful.
  20. He was out of line but he wasn't wrong. I was more bothered that it exemplified the poor relationship between the clubhouse and the FO at the time and I'm glad they seem to have grown past that level of disconnect.
  21. If you'd visited Marlinsbaseball.com you would have known it.
  22. This wasn't out of celebrating the clinch this was while out drinking. Idiot.
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