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  1. btw everyone loves Admin 621090[/snapback] I don't.
  2. I wonder if Treanor or Willingham has the inside edge.... or if they'll acquire someone else. 620882[/snapback] for the straight up backup job it has to be Treanor, he has caught more years in the minors than Willingham has played in the minors. we all like Willy's pop and eye but dont forget he hasnt caught more than 150 games total in his life.
  3. perfect fit for Red, he plays vs lefties and the lefty batting Joe Marrrrrrrrrr gets his hacks off the rightiis. we couldnt afford that contract anyway so whatevah.
  4. not a big loss, its not like we could be losing our team leader in Mike Redmond :plain 620852[/snapback] Shysa :plain
  5. Indianapolis Dallas Cincinnati Minnesota Philadelphia Kansas City Tampa Bay Tennessee Pittsburgh Atlanta New England Seattle San Francisco N.Y. Jets Denver Green Bay 10-6
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong...Miami is a top 20 media market in this nation...maybe even top 10. Small market excuse out window. 620271[/snapback] Miami is DMA #17. There are obviously other teams with smaller media markets that don't have the same problems as the Marlins do... :whistle 620311[/snapback] they also dont have a lease on a football stadium in the middle of nowhere that forbids them to make the same % of income.
  7. Craig, why dont you stop leaching/hating off this teams succes and worry about your team busta. Anyway being cheap would mean the team is not spending money it has, they arent being cheap they are being realistic.
  8. The Marlins are going to trade Enc for Sosa straight up..... :plain 619660[/snapback] And the Cubs are gonna eat both of their salaries... 619700[/snapback] I'm gonna eat your salary.
  9. Attention Whore bussa ass foo
  10. KJC

    The quote thread

    ?He called me a ?rapist? and a ?recluse.? I?m not a recluse.? ~ Mike Tyson
  11. Valdez isnt signed so if we got Leiter and Hudson there is no need to sign him. Burnett Beckett Willis That is my prediction :lol
  12. KJC

    Drew Henson Debut

    Looked good, it was 2nd team LBers on that drive but still these are the best players Drew had played against ever. Tuna is not calling him the starter yet due to Vinny getting "injured" but i would be shocked if Drew Henson doesnt start the Thanksgiving game vs. Da Bears.
  13. KJC

    Is it unravelling?

    well maybe your standards are too high. even the OMG yankees lose 3/4 years. 26/100+ small market teams change, and to keep all the parts you would want would have cost far more money that honestly doesnt exist.
  14. KJC

    Is it unravelling?

    well i look back and see we won a world championship. shouldnt that mean something?
  15. KJC

    Is it unravelling?

    :lol our ANOUNCER gets a better job and its unraveling. wow. very wow.
  16. oh well, whatever. he was good here, he will be good there.
  17. KJC

    DC Baseball Trade

    s*** DC is gonna be decent.
  18. First come, first served? Weaver could find the cupboard bare if the Angels sign Morales. By MARK SAXON The Orange County Register ANAHEIM ? It has been nearly six months since the Angels took Long Beach State right-hander Jered Weaver with their first draft pick, and they still haven't begun serious negotiations. But Weaver insists he will be an Angel by spring training. "It's going to get done," Weaver said Thursday. Yet if Weaver's agent, Scott Boras, doesn't call Angels general manager Bill Stoneman soon, he might find the team's coffers have dwindled. The team is in the middle of trying to sign Cuban defector Kendry Morales, a switch-hitting young slugger who is widely considered the best player to flee Cuba since pitcher Jose Contreras two years ago. Morales, listed as 20, fled Cuba in June and is living in the Dominican Republic, where he has worked out for the Angels more than once this fall. His agent, David Valdes, reportedly is seeking a deal similar to that of the Texas Rangers' star young first baseman, Mark Teixeira: four years and $9.5 million. That dollar amount is roughly what Boras is reportedly seeking for Weaver. "There's only a finite amount of money," Angels scouting director Eddie Bane said. Valdes confirmed the Angels have been in on negotiations to land Morales. Five teams have expressed interest in the infielder, but the Florida Marlins and Cleveland Indians reportedly have balked at Valdes' asking price. Valdes said Morales will play Dominican winter ball if no team will pay what they're seeking. "We'll have to make a big decision in a couple of days," Valdes said. Morales batted .391 for the Cuban team Industriales in 2003, and he hit a grand slam for the Cuban national team that beat Taiwan in the final of the 2003 baseball World Cub in Havana. Boras, who has a reputation for taking negotiations to the brink, did not return a phone call Thursday. He might not have as much leverage with Weaver as he has with other high-profile draft picks. Weaver said he doesn't want to play independent ball if a deal isn't worked out with the Angels by June. That came as good news to the Angels. "It's just time to get going," Bane said. "I don't sense any urgency on their part at all. We've just been like, 'OK, we'll see what happens.' But (Boras) ran into a very patient man in Stoneman. He knows what he wants to do. We're not going to bid against ourselves." Weaver, who swept the college player of the year awards, has been working out with a personal trainer in Irvine in hopes of reporting to spring training ready to go. He said he is not concerned that Boras - who represents most of the high-profile major-league free agents on the market - will be distracted from completing a deal to make him an Angel. "He's one of the best in the business. I'm sure he's sitting down and counting all of his chips before we get everything in order," Weaver said. "I've heard they're going to start talking soon." ROSTER MOVES The Angels added right-handed pitchers Ervin Santana and Steven Shell, left-handed pitcher Joe Saunders, catcher Jeff Mathis and infielder Alberto Callaspo to their 40-man roster. The roster is at 38.
  19. KJC

    Chat Tonight!!!

    CFDodgeMarlin40: Furman, such a dreamii guy CFDodgeMarlin40: I wish he'd come up and get me and just take me down to South Carolina on his horse CFDodgeMarlin40: Or better yet, in his pickup truck CFDodgeMarlin40: need some redneck love :ramp
  20. KJC

    Chat Tonight!!!

    P jis bo ss72: your c**k is all dirty from being in male asses SOSAFINS: that dont wipe :bandit
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