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  1. Enjoy the day and be safe!
  2. The store is open year round except for like two weeks for the holidays. Off Season Hours are 9am to 5pm (Monday-Friday) It's a nice cozy store, very intimate. As for shipping out of state, yes it could be done...there isn't a website for it because MLB does not permit it, since MLB has their store online... Prices at the store are WAYYYYYYY cheaper than those you'd find at the stadium.....
  3. You sure you are in first place?! I just checked and I'm in first..lol...I'm over by 3 points on you....lol good times....
  4. Thanks for everything guys!! Means alot!
  5. As you all the know, the Florida Marlins are in the thick of the playoff race ONCE AGAIN!!! This time around, it's with a team full of rookies whose combined payroll is JUST $14 Million. On Sept. 6, Anibal Sanchez, from Venezuela, pitched a No-Hitter, just the 4th in the Marlins History. The Marlins and the Yankees are the only two teams since 1993 to have 4 No-Hitters. Keep in mind that 1993 was the first year that the Marlins played. So to commemorate Anibal's achievement, we will be having a special event at the store!!! Check it out!!!! I hope to see many of you tomorrow morning!!!
  6. I have a picture with CT (Real World Paris) at FIU and I saw Syrus, I guess on his way back home from the THe Fresh Meat show in Atlanta when we were heading up to NYC for the Yankees/Marlins games.
  7. They should call them "The Miami-Dade Marlins of Hialeah" something like .....the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  8. 1truefan

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    Yenta March 16, 1958 Yankeefan July 21, 1975 Marlins_Giants June 20, 1977 MarlinsFanMan77 Dec. 28, 1977 JonDigital October 16, 1978 Das May 13, 1979 TariAJ January 18 1980 FishFan24 May 24 1980 DaBear61 April 13, 1981 Hugg April 18 1981 JetsMania July 21 1981 catchoftheday July 28 1981 Bradcore August 30 1981 MiRi September 17 1981 FishFanInPa October 11 1981 QuickGold December 26, 1981 Nugget June 19 1982 1truefan September 12, 1982 FL Marlins CA September 26, 1982 tealmarlin April 14 1983 MarlinatPenn September 12 1983 Marlins02 October 18, 1983 Sandroimbuto November 30 1983 BullDurham December 5 1983 Wanks1212 December 17 1983 buccanes January 18 1984 Hermida_Rules27 March 1 1984 Passion September 5 1984 strandedx02 October 1 1984 Lefty March 29, 1985 Everlong204 June 12, 1985 Flamarlins3 July 3 1985 Hollyberry August 8 1985 kissthesungoodbye August 25 1985 FutureGM November 1st, 1985 (All-Saints Day) ArwenWatson December 7 1985 (Pearl Harbor Day) Dodge January 17 1986 Fritz May 11 1986 Rachel November 25, 1986 nc marlin April 18 1987 Ashley June 15, 1987 markotsay7 September 15 1987 > September 27 1987 Krispy November 25 1987 Chewbacca June 22 1988 everybodysdoingthefish June 29 1988 MikeyFan July 27 1988 Festa February 1 1989 HeatGirl March 2 1989 TimeWrecker March 19 1989 Jiggy June 9 1989 rorod july 25 1989 Ns2003 February 26 1990 floridafan13 May 13 1990 Mikey March 25 1991
  9. Since Da Bear 61 is one of our most loyal posters and most informative I thought he should have the same chance as others....so Da Bear, I wish you the best BIRTHDAY ever!!! I hope you've had a wonderful day!~!!!!!! :happybday :jump :skippy
  10. Happy Birthday Da BEar 61!!!! Hope you have a good one!!!
  11. I absolutely love section 249! although i'd take anything behind the plate....
  12. :thumbup So I've finished uploading my pics from the games yesterday..... as promised....enjoy WBC- Disney
  13. Good game though...nice to see all the defense and offense of Japan working well... Interesting rule they have going on...the "Mercy rule"...ha ha..
  14. glad you guys had fun with the laughter....ha ha.. Renyel Pinto
  15. Here's my quick critique on the restaurants you listed...and no, I don't work for Disney.... Le Cellier (Canada)- Great steak and service. Chefs of France (France)- Small portions for high prices Coral Reef (Living Seas)- Nice eating with a big "fish tank" infront of you...seafood is decent... L'Originale Alfredo di Roma (Italy...I think that's the name)- good food, but it's like eating at Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden... Magic Kingdom on a Sunday= DON'T DO IT.... lol...
  16. Um....another character breakfast that's nice is the one in the Norway pavillion...it's another one with the princesses....
  17. I would do the Pop Century rather than the All-Stars.... Chef Mickey's is cute, but overrated imho.... Hoop tee do Revue is nice, but if you've already seen the show or just want the same food they serve at the show then I recommend Trail's End over at the Fort Wilderness...(Great Ribs!!!) The Whispering Canyon Cafe over at the Wilderness Lodge is pretty darn good as well, has a countryish theme to it.
  18. I've never stayed at the Caribbean Beach so I can't really vouch for that hotel. The Coronado has bigger rooms and more in-room amenities than the value resorts. Have you checked the pricing at the Dolphin or Swan though?
  19. No no..it doesn't cost extra...just mention it when you are making the reservation and tell them you want to make it special...
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