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  3. What is your favorite Steakhouse? Texas de Brazil Favorite Chinese entree? Anything from P.F. Changs Are you a member of a gym, if you are, how often do you go? No Have you ever tried getting out of your car accidentally with your seatbelt still on? Yes, I think we all have at one point in time... Have you ever experienced a Tornado? Earthquake? Tornado thanks to Hurricane Andrew Describe your computers background at the moment... A pic of my family at a spring training game If you had to spend a month with someone on Marlinsbaseball.com, who would it be and why? er....phoenix since she's been my partner in crime on this site.... Have you ever been walked in on while you were on the toilet by someone other than a family member? Yes... Have you ever watched a Home Shopping Network kitchen appliance marathon? Nope Whats the craziest thing you've ever dressed up as for Halloween (or any other event that requires a costume)? Lingerie...lol.. Where is your dream vacation spot thats inside the continental U.S.? NYC What type of car do you drive? 2004 Chevy Trailblazer If you play an organized team sport (or have in the past)...Which Sport? What position? Softball- last year- Outfield/1b You've been given a $10,000 gift certificate to only one store of your choice, where do you choose to spend it? Macy's What book are you reading right now? too many textbooks Marlins season tickets or Heat season tickets? I have both. The Most underrated player in any professional sport is_____________. Miguel Cabrera....I know everyone jocks the guy...but i have my reasons.
  4. US: Jack & Diane - John Cougar UK: Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor
  5. Have you ever been scuba diving? If not.. would you ever go? I haven't yet, but I will during the summer. Do you have a job? If so what do you do? I work for a Pro-Sports Team. When growing up, did you play any sports? I did Dance for 7 years, Karate for another 7 years, and played last year in a Co-Ed Softball league. What is your favorite type of potato chip? Pringles Do you like Spinach? Only in a Spinach Dip What did you have for lunch today? A Dean Dog What was the last resturant you ate at? Outback Steakhouse I want a new ______ ! cell phone Whats your dream vehicle? I am happy with my car. Have you ever been to Cleveland? Yes, I have actually been to Cleveland...and walked around it at night... :o ) Have you ever been to Europe? If so where did you go? If not, where would you like to go? I might go next year...all over...and to visit my cousin in Italy. For the Guys: Would you buy your gf and diamond engagement ring or something other than a diamond? For the Girls: Would you like a diamond engagement ring or something other than a diamond? Diamonds are a girl's best friend When did you last hold a baby? It's been a while. Congratulations.. you have won the lottery.. what is the first thing you buy? First I'd get rid of my parent's and my debt....then probably a boat. Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes What year was your house built? 1986. Favorite breakfast food? Breakfast? I usually don't have breakfast... Whats your favorite breed of dog? Whats your least fav? GOLDEN RETRIEVERS ARE THE BEST....least=poodles If you could pick how old you would be on your wedding day... how old would you be? 25 or 26. If you could pick how old you would be when you have your 1st child.. how old would you be? 27 Do you smoke? Hell no Do you like your height? weight? looks? I actually am very happy with myself... When is your last day of School? whenever the spring semester ends. Can you cook? If so what do you like to cook? Yes I can cook....um...a lot of things What are your favorite foods? Cuban and Italian....
  6. watchv the game.....cheer...yep...i did...lol
  7. I took pictures with my two dig cams...no big telephoto zoom lens either...kinda scared how they would come out...lol...I just got one of the cameras this weekend...as for the memory one of them had a 1.0 GB and the other 256MB.
  8. does anybody know if i can buy those at any store?? Cause as much as i would like to help the charity, that shipping is too much. 714200[/snapback] You'd think that they would be sold at Marlins en Miami. 714236[/snapback] Apparently you didn't read the other topic.....read before bashing the store...thanks!
  9. As you all know or might not know, I'm overly obsssseeeesssedd with taking pictures.... I headed up yesterday for the Marlins vs Astros game and ended up with over 237 pictures..... here's a link to my album...enjoy!!! Marlins vs Astros
  10. I have been on the boards for a while...so i really didn't introduce myself to a bunch of people that i already knew....
  11. On here specifically..... Poll: Whats your favorite Video Game System? 1truefan Posted on: Aug 23 2002, 8:06 PM Psst...I'm confused on this..this could have in the games forum tooo........loooooooooool. sorry..it's just funny.
  12. We can ship the item to you or how ever you'd like....just pm me
  13. Do I look bad? 709852[/snapback] Hotness
  14. JUPITER ? The Florida Marlins today announced the following roster moves: Right-handed pitcher Ronald Belisario optioned to double-A Carolina; right-handed pitcher Michael Flannery outrighted to triple-A Albuquerque; right-handed pitchers Kevin Cave, Trevor Hutchinson, Josh Johnson and Mike Neu and left-handed pitcher Scott Olsen all re-assigned to minor league camp. The announcement was made by Senior Vice President and General Manager Admin Beinfest. Today?s moves leave the Marlins with 57 players in Major League camp and 39 players on the 40-man roster. Additional information on the players involved in today?s transactions is available on the team?s official website, www.floridamarlins.com.
  15. We might have this at the store soon... would anyone be interested in them...? we are taking a poll...i'm not selling them..but is there enough demand out there?
  16. Juanky is just sooooooooooo HAWT.....
  17. Juanky!!! I love his EYES....super blue eyes!!! lol...that's how I met him...
  18. Nope... Upgrades are at individual prices..
  19. As usual Katy Sorenson remains opposed....
  20. After the possible threat of my trip being cancelled...I AM GOING!!! YAY...but this time instead of with my grupito..with the rents....YAY..I get to leave MIAMI!!! WOOOO!!!!
  21. oh my...and i just saw the guy on monday... :confused
  22. I was able to get pics with beckett, willingham and perisho... good times...
  23. I was actually up there today and boy did I love it...I got about 10 autographs! Barely anyone there though..I'd say about 20 people...
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