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  1. I live in Las Vegas! They got a plaza called Korea Town.
  2. Brinson is in, but instead of replacing Joyce he replaces Mags.... smh
  3. Much better. Everyone seems to prefer it. Announcers actually have insight and have even mentioned that the Marlins haven't done so bad against the Braves once they factor out that 29 run game.
  4. It's looking like we won't be mounting a comeback til the 8th, by that time it'll be too late. 0 runs from the team looks very likely now.
  5. So refreshing to have decent, unbiased announcers and no blaring fake crowd noise.
  6. What was that about not getting you out, Acuna?
  7. and hopefully the announcers aren't shitheads like these guys
  8. I saw something like that. I wondered what he uttered..
  9. They haven't shown 1 graphic of the Marlins players after the breaks. So biased.
  10. These announcers are on their knees for the Braves so much I'm surprised they can still talk with a mouthful.
  11. Acuna acts like he expects to never get hit ever again by the Marlins, forever....ever. How dare they.
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