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  1. Surprise! That's how I avoid the 3 K's... 😥
  2. Well, I guess he's fitting in well with this team lol.
  3. Welcome to the No Limit Marlins Army! 😅
  4. Not the first time they messed up the lineups... The other day they had Garrett Cooper at DH and at 1B, If I remember correctly.
  5. Well I'll be on this thread today with you fellas, and hopefully I can follow along...I have to pause MLB.TV sometimes. Let's get this W!
  6. How do you get MLB.TV with OTA?
  7. I remember watching this game. I was hyped up for the fight. Also loved hearing Tommy get all riled up.
  8. We can trade one of those ball-boys out by left field for Dugger, and that's being generous.
  9. Excited to see Jazz. Hopefully he doesn't swing and miss as much as the rest of the called-up prospects (although I know he's a swing and miss guy).
  10. And let's not even talk about boats, especially at night... ..Too soon?
  11. I'm posting today because I saw the game last night and I'm still pissed.. Dugger is A BUM! I knew as soon as he got on the mound all 3 batters on base would be scoring... and it turned out worse! 4 scored thanks to the grand slam. A BUM, I say! The team was disrespectful to Sandy on his first game back.
  12. I think that has to do with the fact they both talked shit about the Marlins after they left. Very classless. I don't root against them necessarily, but I definitely don't cheer them on.
  13. I live in Las Vegas, so we have Cox over here. I have a 1TB plan, and I can say that with 4 people in our house we have used an average of 908GB for the past 3 months. I watch A LOT of YouTube videos, and my mother and grandmother watch a lot of Netflix. I think you should be good for 2 people with 1TB.
  14. On a positive note, Aguilar is on fire.
  15. Berti's defense skills still there!
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