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  1. The root of the matter is this: I agree with Mish's decision one hundred percent.
  2. Here's a little positive prediction for this upcoming season: Sixto wins Rookie of the Year! Calling it now!
  3. Ok, that's interesting. So for sure they're out there trying and seeing what might work so gotta give 'em credit for that even if they don't make a giant FA splash.
  4. @SonOfJack Really missed a great chance to name the thread "Fish signed A. Bass"
  5. Good-looking girlfriend! You know what that means... he's confident!
  6. That's for sure, without question. In my city you get your license suspended for a year. I don't remember reading if he even has a license anymore but that's just the minimum of the sentencing possible.
  7. Who in their right mind would think Manatees would be a good team name? Gotta think that the fans were trolling.
  8. Attitude Era theme songs still have style and hold up well today. Jim Johnson was a master chef in sound.
  9. Refreshing to finally have a GM that actually answers a question instead of vague, non-answers full of platitudes.
  10. Also, "Ng" is two less letters compared to "Hill" that I'll have to type in the future, so an extra cool lazy point there!
  11. WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! I believe in her determination already. From all the qualifications I've read up on and how she persisted all these years to get to this level I think Jeter made a great choice in someone who will believe in the organizational cause and has the drive for excellence. Very surprised by the pick, but pleasantly satisfied and I'm loving all the positive press.
  12. I disliked LoMo but I will listen to this!
  13. I'm kind of liking the idea of adding Molina, and Wainwright as the veteran pitcher we need.
  14. I played in an adult community league 🤷‍♀️ back-to-back champs!
  15. I live in Las Vegas! They got a plaza called Korea Town.
  16. Brinson is in, but instead of replacing Joyce he replaces Mags.... smh
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