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  1. I prefer the other Josh Smith now..
  2. What is up with the camera work? Not showing pitches from the pitcher's perspective (showing behind the ump) and then not showing fielding a ball but focusing on the pitcher. Annoying.
  4. This team definitely feels different. They work the counts. They get timely hitting. They use their speed to their advantage, and so far pitching has been getting double-plays when they need it. Yams has me worried though, I think too much of Dugger has been rubbing off on him (not the COVID, but the easily hittable pitches).
  5. According to MLB.TV the game is set tomorrow for 7:35pm ET
  6. Excited to see Eddie Alvarez get his chance to play. I think he's going to do well.
  7. I saw the sea of negativity and uninformed responses on Reddit and decided I am but one small man to fight all that by myself. I'd get lost in all the comments.
  8. For what, one may ask? Oh, just... not hitting someone and making faces... yeah.
  9. My favorite part of these two games is when they cut to Don and he's trying to fix his mask.
  10. For the sake of my dislike of Dugger to prove my point: no, I do not!
  11. Well, I hope they win this one then! IF there even is a game today....
  12. Why did the Marlins let him go? (serious question)
  13. I see it as not happening right away next season but definitely soon after. Perhaps being a big issue with the CBA.
  14. I don't know if it has been said here before but I've always thought Dugger was a bum when I first saw him, and still think he is a bum now.
  15. They already have Chef Cervelli and Sixto doesn't need anymore food.
  16. But we lost the all-mighty Ambidextrous God Pat Venditte 😥
  17. These specific ones will definitely make things interesting, albeit weird. Wet rag lol.
  18. I'm with you there. I have a feeling this team can pull it off.
  19. Saw the marlinsbaseball IG post and totally forgot we had Matt Joyce. Definitely excited to see what him, Aguilar, Dickerson, and Villar can do.
  20. Getting rid of Andrew Miller twice now...is it Jeter's fault, or does this one still fall on Loria?
  21. Definitely surprised Lacy didn't get picked but last time Marlins chose a big guy it didn't work out (Kolek) so maybe that strategy of tall height and big weight isn't always a lock. I was hoping we would at least draft Austin Martin to have versatility at SS, 3B, or 2B... but the more I see and read into Meyer I think it's a real solid pick. Also seems like they went that route to save a bit of money. Smart choice though.
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