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  1. I really enjoyed his attitude and energy. His bat helped the team also, but those concussions are no joke. The best thing for his health. I wish him the best.
  2. Beat me to it!! Haha, loving these videos right now.
  3. Just got myself a Majestic blue Cool Base jersey the other day. Can't wait to wear it!
  4. So lame. Was looking forward to this game getting off of work. Fuck Manfred.
  5. So pumped that Game 1 was a W! Sorta pissed though that my stupid Free Trial of Hulu Live TV didn't record the game. I told it too! Stupid Hulu...anyway, caught the highlights on YouTube. Go FISH!!
  6. I have an antenna but not for the tv I use and from the looks of it, I either don't get that channel or I can't find it. Either way I'll probably have to create my 7th Free Trial account for YouTube TV as I will be at work and will want to playback both Heat and Marlins games.
  7. I read somewhere in an article that they chose the Cubs to win in 3. We'll see about that!!
  8. I cut the cord a long time ago. If it's on ABC does that mean I have to watch it on YouTube TV or something?
  9. W....T...F... Saw the condensed game but now I'm glad I didn't torture myself through the full 9 innings. Yamamoto needs to get DFA'd ASAP. Holy hell... and what's gotten into Pablo lately? I thought he turned a new corner? Well, just some thoughts from the highlights: Happy for Jazz with his first hit AND HR. I'm starting to lean towards thinking Brinson being a better defender than Monte. Good to see him hit a HR.
  10. Dugger needs to be cleaning the clubhouse like the guy washing the truck while Holly watches.... "nice and deep-like"
  11. Guess I read that wrong lol
  12. I got a belt that will leave her black! Hey-ooo!
  13. Yeah, he's been killing it. Saw the numbers earlier in the thread on HR and RBIs for the lineup and it's embarrassing to the other players that he's already doing better than them.
  14. Those are trash. Just marketing. Buy the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body. I swear I'm not being paid for this. Much better though!
  15. Wait, why was Merryweather taken out? I wasn't paying attention lol
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