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Jlo expecting....


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woopdeedoo...she's pregnant..i bet the kid turns out ugly if it's Marc Anthony's kid....sucks...oh well. Also sucks 'cause the kid will have like 20 partial father figures in it's life....ahhh the good ole days of having a dad and a mom who dated, felt like they knew each other well enough, loved each other, and wanted to settle down. I guess that's old-fashioned now.

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Yea, but Jen & Marc have known each other for years. They even dated back in '99. I don't know how long it lasted though.


You know what though? If Jennifer was a man, no one would really make a big deal about it. But since she's a woman, she's a "hoe". I love Marc and all, but what about him? This is probably his second or third marriage and maybe his fourth kid. He had one kid from before and he has two with his recent ex-wife (the one he left for Jennifer). So really, the media is making look Jennifer as the screwed up one in the relationship.

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Guest marlins02

i think thats because jennifer is the big star, she's the real high profile face (or ass). marc anthony is an idiot himself, leaving his wife and children for a woman he KNOWS he wont be with for more than a year.


the thing about jennifer is all the engagements and marriages in a 4-5 year span. its hillarious and sad.

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