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John Paxson says Bulls interested in


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The Bulls dont need to go in the direction of Shaq or T-Mac, I mean, of course they are interested, who wouldnt be in these two superstars, but come on if Shaq is dissapointed in taking trips to the finals and T-Mac wants to win now, they certaintley wont be happy in Ch-Town.


The Bulls need to draft either Luol Deng or Andre Iguodala and build that way.


They are not that far off now from an 8th seed in the EAst if they keep in a youthful direction....

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Bulls are my team. I watched almost every game of theirs last year... it was hard.



Please Get rid of ERob and Fizer. ERob is a talent but has no work ethic. Fizer is terrible. He made me more angry than anyone on the team.



Keep Hinrich. Keep Curry. Crawford and Chandler are very good but I would trade them if we could bring in someone like T-Mac.



Enough of this building... We dont need anymore young players on this team.

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I hated the bulls i hated the whole jordan thing shy town fans were spoiled but now they are payin there dues and see how hard winning really is... but truth is that team is just manged and run so wrong its kinda sad...... they better step up and do somthing......


MAC MAN aint going where...... adleast i hope not...... yo... when i walk out the house and go out all i see is MAC jerseys ALL of Florida luvs the man..... my heart would totally break if he flexed out of sunshine state......


Curry+ Chandler and 1 mo not robenson that dude is garbage eva since he left charlotte he hasnt panned out to eb the Nba Baller all da critics said he woudl be

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If you ask me the Houston is giving up too much but I guess believe a TMACK/MING duo will be an upgrade.I really do't see how this trade is a great deal for Houston.

you also have to work things out within the salary cap. but is Houston really upgrading their team?I think not.

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it would be extremely expensive....and the Mavs would end up with about 7 players on their roster, considering they would have to trade for both of them.

Bye bye Nash, Nowitski, etc.....is it really worth it? If the Mavs get ONE of the two (preferably for them: Shaq), then it's good...i think Nowitski and say Raef Lafrentz for Shaq is good for them. I dont exactly know what the Lakers would want for Shaq, but Florida Today says Nowitski would have to be involved. Personally, I don't want the Magic to get Dirk....he's not as good as T-Mac, especially on defense. I mean, T-Mac gets criticized for his D...but Dirk is a joke defensively.


I'm interested in this Rocket deal...me likes.


also heard rumors of trading T-Mac to the Pacers for Bender, Artest, and someone else...i forget

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