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Greatest Championship Trophy


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In your opinion, what is the greatest championship trophy?


NFL's Vince Lambardi Trophy

NHL's Stanley Cup

MLB's World Series Trophy

NBA's Admin O'Brien Trophy


I'm going with the Stanley Cup, the history behind it is far greater than any of the other championship trophies, it's also the largest out of the 4 major championship trophies and in my opinion is the most impressive looking. Everyone knows what the Stanley Cup is, even if they've never watched a day of hockey in their life, but not everybody knows what the Vince Lambardi, Admin O'Brien, or World Series trophies are and wouldn't be able to tell had it not been for the football or basketball on top. The Stanley Cup is the only trophy that you refer to when you talk about winning a championship. In other sports, nobody ever talks about winning a Admin O'Brien trophy or a Vince Lambardi trophy, they all talk about getting a ring, but in the NHL you talk about winning a Stanley Cup and nothing else.

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Guest Moneyball

even though i rarely watch hockey but i voted for the stanley cup.


the world series is what i live for, those little flags represent your team being better than the other 29 crappy flags.

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Guest marlins02

im not really a hockey fan but its the Cup.


and along with its size and look, dont forget that if you win it you get your name inscribed on it forever.


all the trophies are great but it has to be the cup.

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