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Lee has done well in this series.




If he starts to hit like this on a regular basis everyone will be thrilled.



But he has to sustain it for more than a series.



He is showing signs of not sucking as much in the clutch recently.



We will see if this is the start of a new trend.

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Guest markotsay7

Lee has an almost clinical inability to hit in April and May:


From 2000-2002, combined -


April: .225/12/33

May: .240/9/27

June: .305/20/48

July: .293/11/40

August: .287/10/29

September: .301/13/49

October: .364/1/5



By the way, found this on DLee's ESPN profile...


2003 Salary: $42,500,000


I think someone at ESPN fell asleep on the keyboard...

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I still hate D. Lee.


His numbers absolutlely SUCK in the first three months of the season. He gets fat in the latter part of the season when the games don't matter, pitchers are tired, or off late year call-ups on expanded rosters.


It goes back again to the clutch hitting idea. He can't clutch hit consistently in game situations, and he can't hit in the clutch time of the season, which for the Marlins is the 1st third of the year when they are still somewhat relevant in the standings.


And I could care less about his D at first base. A team doesn't need great leather at first to win consistently. WInning teams need good lumber out of the 1B position.

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I happen to like D.Lee honestly i can't think of a first baseman that brings to the table that he brings. (that we can afford that is) Think about it he puts up decent numbers he is a good runner and a strong fielder. Plus the man is out there every freaking day. What free-agent first baseman that we can afford can do what lee does i mean the Muts pay an obscene amount of money for Mo Vaughn so they can have sit on the DL making millions. The Braves have always had a problem finding someone at 1st, the Expos have ??? nuff said, the Phillies have Thome yes he is good but is he really hitting up to par with his paycheck? Thats our division lets list some other 1st basemen around the league


Stl-Martinez(what a waste of a few million)

Chi-Choi(his bat is way to slow to do anything in the majors)

Mil-Sexson(kk he is better but out of price range)

Hou-Bags (see above, plus his numbers are in the same area as Dlee)

Pit-Simon(he has 6 HR)

Col-Helton(out of price range)


LA-McGriff(will soon be drawing social security)

SD-Klesko(too much denero)

SF-Snow(276avg 3 Hr's)




BOS-Millar(gotta give it to him)

TB-Tlee(poor poor devilrays)

Bal-Conine(numbers aren't great, but i gotta love him)

Tor-Delgado(Delgot the money)

Min-mientkiewicz(27rbi's and 7hr)

KC-Sweeney(give it too him)

CHW-Konerko(176 avg lol)

Det-Young(i like him, but ill take anyone over a tiger)


Tex-Palmero(mr. Viagra)

Oak-Hatteberg(259avg 27 rbi)

Sea-Mr Helmet(old and too much $)

Ana-Spiezo(.255 avg 21 RBi)


theres the list of starting first basemen around the league go ahead pick one that is better than DLee and that we can afford.

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Guest markotsay7

Derrek really isn't a good runner...at the beginning of the year no one expected him to run, so he got steals. Plus, he can start his slide early since he's, like, 15 feet tall...

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Derrek really isn't a good runner...at the beginning of the year no one expected him to run, so he got steals. Plus, he can start his slide early since he's, like, 15 feet tall...

I'm not going to site here and lie .......


Dereck Lee has good speed especially considering his height.

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do you guys really think that we won't be able to afford Lee? I mean if anything he should have a conctract similar to his one now. I mean he hasn't exactly upped his market value like Lowell or Castillo has.


Although all my defenses of DLee i used to think getting read of Lee and Luis would be better for this team, but with what i recently read about what he said on the Jim Rome show I think he should be moved, perhaps today. If not send Lowell to AAA and call someone else up. The reason i like the Marlins is that whoever comes and goes always seems to love it with the fish.


ex. Cliff Floyd even though he is now hated by me because he sold out and went to the Mets, at least while he was here he at least acted like he wanted to be here. I have never heard of anyone say that he would rather be somewhere else. I may be taking this a little too hard, but to me this is ALMOST as bad as what Rocker said to SI. Though there was no racist remarks he still talked bad about his own team which SHOULD make him an outcast in the locker room. Keep Lee and Luis deal Lowell.


Sorry if you don't agree with me, but making any kind of comment about your team that was bad you should suffer the consequences.

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