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Are camcorders..allowed

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After chking the stadium site and at the stadium..this is all I can find:


Not allowed:



Ladies purse measuring more than 81/2" x 11"

Back Packs

Plastic grocery bags

Any plastic liquid container with seal broken

All hard fruits, unless cut into bite-size pieces

Glass bottles

Alcoholic beverages

Illegal drugs



Coolers or other hard containers

Whistles, horns or other noise makers



Regulation size bats

Poles or brooms

Laser pointers


Bottles of frozen water or soft drinks

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is this your first marlins game or something?



no, why? I've been to 5 this season, and I just got home now from one..lol

just never saw it saying no camcorders and a family member paid for the tix and wanted to see the fireworks lol

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"Holder agrees to (a) he or she shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any information about the game to which it grants admission, including but not limitd to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction, or other information concering the game"


that would also mean cameras are not allowed ?? makes no sense, rofl, they should include no camcorders, guess ill call in the morning..

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well what if your not going to reproduce the game is it still okay? I think it is because lots of people take camaras to baseball games.


Edit: I just remembered that one of the stadium policies is that your allowed to take a camara as long as you have the camara case that comforms to the size of the case.

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I got my camcorder in when i went to WS game 5. so yes, i think they allow you to go in with camcorders.


And I was able to get in to Game 3 of the World Series with mine... they even asked if it was a video camera. I said yes, and they were fine with it. (But then for some reason, they made me take off my Marlins hat...? :lol )

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Guest Juanky

Yes, they are allowed. An uncle had one yesterday as his niece was celebrating her bday and he was using it a big chunk of the time.

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