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Padres rumors has some truth behind?


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Scouts about


According to a major league source, the Marlins recently expressed interest in San Diego Padres outfielder Rondell White.


Sources said the Padres are eager to unload White, who is making $5 million in the last year of his contract. It's unclear what Cabrera's promotion might mean in this context, but his versatility likely keeps White on the Marlins' radar.


Marlins second baseman Luis Castillo, whom the Padres have long coveted, also can be a free agent at season's end. He is making $4.85 million this year and his inclusion in a deal for White would make it payroll neutral.


Padres special assistant Ted Simmons was at Pro Player Stadium for the second consecutive night.


White, 31, returned to the lineup Thursday in Colorado after missing five games with a strained hamstring. He was batting .299 with 11 home runs and 33 RBI.


The Cincinnati Reds, also reported to have interest in Castillo, had a scout at Thursday's game


Mike Berardino can be reached at [email protected].

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I don't think this necessarily bodes well Josh... If Cabrera's going to be playing a lot in left field, why would they invest prospects and money into a guy like White who would be at best a 1/2 year rental platooning out there? Why not just platoon Cabrera with what we've got out there? Unless they're thinking full-time LF for White and moving Cabs to 3B....


If it's just an opportunity to move Castillo's contract, I can understand it. But I would like them to get some young talent too.

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Well I never said I supported this trade once I heard Cabs was called-up. NOW I'm hoping Cabs produces sooner rather than later... It isn't expected to come into your first game and go 2-4, or even your 10th game and do that, but I think this is the kind of kid that can do that...


I no longer see this trade going down, unless Cabs does horrible...(I don't see that...)

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I Hope we get Rondell, I Know Luis wil be traded. We already have a good lead off hitter and we dont need another one (even thouh i Like Luis better than Pierre). We can use White in our bench and the Padres can really use Castillo....

its not about lead off hitters, we dont need a lead off hitter, your underrating that 2nd base will be empty, thats a big position to take for someone else besides luis castillo, and that they will probably be really cheap, so experience may be limited

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i stand corrected....


Giles for Adrian Gonzalez and a pitching prospect? not enough probably


everyone is a bargain to marlins fans, but when the player starts having a few games bad you hate the guy (pudge, pavano.....) but when CJ, preston, antonio.... were having bad season*s*!! everyone wanted them to stay even though they were getting paid big bucs

not even close to enough, unless they get someone good players in return hes not going anywhere.


and back to the topic, im about 95% sure were not going to get white.

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