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No more positive fluff

Flag Man

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Past couple of weeks I've sent in early morning positive fluff usually after a loss.


I'm all fluffed out.


Last fluff said Beckett was ready to Rally (WS Mode). Didn't happen. Nothing happened. We were so stupidly clever finessing Bonds that we lost motivation (which is a very big part for a team that needs to over-achieve.)


Now I wonder if Pavano will be a Marlin in mid-September.

Or who else might be gone by then. Reality sucks.


I still root like hell for my Marlins, but I can't muster any more fluff.

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I agree with Admin. I dont think Pavano ends up elsewhere. If your projection of $65 million is correct, its not too large a rise in payroll, especially with a new stadium just around the corner. Im assuming you mean with the salaries of Pudge and Hampton in there too? Plus remember, those are coming off the books soon.

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Free agents: Pavano, Valdez, Koch, Benitez, Seanez, Cordero, Easley, Mordecai, Harris, Manzanillo, Perisho,


Arbitration eligble: Burnett, Beckett, LoDuca, Mota


My guess is that payroll will not increase unless we make the playoffs, which is looking less and less likely.

Beckett and Burnett will get big raises. Pavano and Mota will be back. Benitez, Valdez and LoDuca won't be. Nor will Koch. I know Loria has said LoDuca is not a rental, but I don't see payroll increasing without a postseason appearance and how we could afford Burnett, Beckett, Pavano, one of the closers, AND sign LoDuca while having enough to fill in holes elsewhere. I still think we could have a 85-win team next year and with some luck, get back to the playoffs.

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Guest FishFanInPA

Say good night to Pavs and Benitez....There's no need for Mando with Mota, Spoon, Koch and Fox to save games...It's unnecessary money spent....If we deal Encarnacion then maybe we can keep Pavs....I just can't see him openin the pocket book unless the park fills up the rest of the season and i mean at least 40k a night.

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