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Team MVP


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I give it to 3 players:

1) Carl Pavano

2) Dontrelle Willis

3) Juan Pierre


All 3 were there every time they were needed and gave the best efforts they could. They lead this team this season not by words but example.


I say





Cabs the main production guy this year. Benitez totally pwned. He saved our butts so many times, we never had a closer that consistant. And Pavano was the stopper, Cy Young Candidate, has to be on the list.

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How can it be anyone but Juan Pierre?


Leading the league in hits, playing every inning every day while Pavano took the gas pipe when the wildcard was still in sight and Benitez, as great as he was, was unavailable so much of the time. Maybe you could make a case for Miggy but even his fabulous year pales in comparison to what JP has accomplished.


What did Tommy say tonight, 65 multi-hit games and the season isn't over. He's your MVP.

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