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Chicago Cubs in need of RF.


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That's from the tribune about burnitz.. from what ive been hearing on chicago radio is those are false.. ive heard the cubs are going to make a play at huff with the prospects they got from baltimore combined with Mitre and maybe Farnsworth.. and the cubs have also scheduled a work out with magglio ordonez for later in the week. I doubt encarnacion is even on their radar and burnitz is a last resort.. though i think theyd be better off with Dubois/Hollandsworth than Burnitz.

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Enc has 0 trade value



He actually has negative trade value since he ruins deals if involved with other players.



Very true but maybe we can find an idiot GM to take him off out hands although I doubt it. Last year the Dodgers were on mission to dump him and we were the only ones interested in him and we really didnt want him as we wanted to flip him to the Rockies.

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I would have loved to see "Lima Time" in South Florida (yeah, I know I'm a broken record sometimes) but I'm not about to start second-guessing the FO after their accomplishments in late 2004 and this winter. I say to myself, "Self, if they had signed Lima or another guy they may not have gone after Delgado so hard..." but I continue to believe, with the history of ailments that have befallen Burnett and Beckett (and could affect any of our other starters) it's in the best interest of the team to acquire another guy capable of pitching at least .500 ball in case someone winds up on the DL.


Rosters change all the time. Players are added and deleted. Sure it makes it tough on the guys on the cusp (Howard, Bump, Bentz, Hagerty, etc.) but clearly this year's team is all about winning.


Whether they find a solution in spring training (from their minor league system) or they acquire someone via a trade, they need a spot starter/long relief guy as much as anything else.

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I started the same thread and everyone said that Chicago didn't want to deal Farnsworth. Now all of a sudden you hear that they're willing to trade him. Do you have an article?


Rotoworlds semi reliable :plain


Jan. 18, 2005 - 5:05 pm et



Cubs agreed to terms with RHP Kyle Farnsworth on a one-year, $1.975 million contract.

Farnsworth, who made $1.4 million last season, remains a candidate to be traded, but the Cubs haven't been as eager to move him as expected.

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