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Mark McGwire through the years...

Guest Fritz

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its a bunch of pictures...who really cares


It gives pretty convincing evidence these guys juiced.





except that over a period of years its very much possible to add bulk.




Exactly. And the fact that McGuire hit 49 home runs his rookie year says it all to me. I'm sure a lot of you think he juiced, but he sure as hell had the talent to accomplish what he did in his career. Giambi we already know juiced. I highly doubt Admin Walker juiced. I know for a fact Palmeiro didn't juice.


The younger you are, the less need there is for you to get in the gym and bulk up. The more you age, the more your natural ability to put the ball over the fence deteriorates. It's just natural that these guys would work out as the years went by.

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There's a difference between bulking up and becoming the hulks that some of these guys are. Gimabi allready admitted to use it in his grand jury testimony, McGuire admitted to using Andro (now banned) and Canseco says McGuire shot up. Regardless if you believe Canseco or not, it's not outside the realm of possibilities that he did.

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