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Top 5 Places


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Guest Juanky

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't really been many places.


Washington, DC.


Napa Valley

San Francisco

Baltimore (well, Camden Yards. I only really went for the game :) )


Worst Place Ever: Tampa. s***hole of the Earth.

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seems like you are doing pretty well


also love seattle & san fran (although I hate so cal) ... baltimore is a dump, but the inner harbor and camden yards are sweet


DC is fun, but not top 5 for me ... but a very nice choice


i'm kind of a travel junkie, so these topics are of obvious interest

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blatant thievery I know ... but what are the 5 places that you have lived/visted, etc


In no particular order:








Im still looking to go to Europe. Especially Amsterdam. I really want to check out northern Europe, like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, England. Edingburgh, do they have that amazing looking bridge?

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Guest Juanky

DC is fun, but not top 5 for me ... but a very nice choice


I don't know man, for me it is. Maybe cuz I'm a history/politics junkie but it's just awesome, my favorite place outside of Miami thus far.

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this one?




if so that is a little bit outside of the city, but it is edinburgh


awesome city ... i was able to live in london for a while, and spent about a week up in Edinburgh ... it was during the Jazz & Blues portion of their fringe festival


incredible time ... only complaint there would be the weather ... it was nice during the day, but got a little nasty at night


I'd love to hit Scandanavia, travel the Fjords and all that fun stuff


I turned 20 in Amsterdam and it is a pretty cool city ... loved the canals and the attitude of the people ... the public urinal things on the street tripped me out


the city is showing some age ... I imagine 60-100 years ago it was amazing

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In no particular order...


Miami - no expanation needed

Central PA - small town feel in some relatively large cities

New York City - no expanation needed.

Bloomington, IN - good music and good peeps

DC - you could spend hours on the Mall and never get bored

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