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Not sure if this was posted


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The first game will start at 3:05 ET and will be shown by FSN, the second game will begin 25 minutes after the first game ends.


FSN is DEFINITELY going to be showing the first game, not sure if they're going to show the second game or not but i'm sure Craig will get us up to date during Marlins On Deck tomorrow :thumbup .

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3:05 Eastern Time is 1:05 Denver time.



But the Marlins are still coming back East, and it's not unprecedented to start before 1, hell, the Red Sox started at 11 on Patriots' Day...



They do it because its a holliday.Its to early to start on a weekday

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burnett will start game 1 and smith will start game 2. It is up to FSN I believe on whether or not both games will be aired.



I guess that is good, that way we dont have to waste Dontrell on Colorado.


Can Lieter go against the phillies since he only threw 24 pitches last night?

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Pitching matchup

First game

COL: RHP Jason Jennings

? 1-2, 4.21 ERA in 2005

? 0-1, 6.55 ERA vs. FLA in 2004



FLA: RHP A.J. Burnett

? 2-1, 2.40 ERA in 2005

? 1-0, 1.13 ERA vs. COL in 2004



Second game

COL: RHP Byung-Hyun Kim

? 0-3, 9.64 ERA in 2005

? Did not face FLA in 2004



FLA: RHP Travis Smith

? 0-0, 0.00 ERA in 2005

? 0-0, 0.00 ERA vs. COL in 2005



Player to watch

Jeff Conine could get a rare start during Thursday's doubleheader. Conine leads all Marlins with 16 homers against the Rockies in his career, and his .384 average (.423 at Coors Field) also leads the team (with 50 or more at-bats) against Colorado.



"It was probably more surface than the snowflakes for Mike." -- Wednesday's starter Al Leiter on third baseman Mike Lowell's run-scoring error in the bottom of the second in heavy snow


On the Internet


Gameday Audio

? Gameday

? Official game notes


On television

? COL: FSN Rocky Mountain

? FLA: FSN (first game only)


On radio

? COL: KOA 850 AM

? FLA: WQAM 560 AM; WQBA 1140 AM (Espa?ol)


this from floridamarlins.com

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