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Marlins @ Padres 5/14 10:05 PM

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Lineups...Very Different :mischief2




Juan Pierre, CF

Paul Lo Duca, C

Carlos Delgado, 1B

Miguel Cabrera, LF

Mike Lowell, 3B

Juan Encarnacion, RF

Damion Easley, 2B

Alex Gonzalez, SS

Al Leiter, P






Dave Roberts, CF

Mark Loretta, 2B

Ryan Klesko, LF

Phil Nevin, 1B

Brian Giles, RF

Ramon Hernandez, C

Khalil Greene, SS

Sean Burroughs, 3B

Jake Peavy, P

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Am I the only one in the game thread?


I'm half here... I am working on a "History of the (Music) Concerto" paper due at 12:30 tomorrow... it only counts as the final for the class. :plain



Ouch.. Good Luck :)


Thanks... I'm going to need it. (And my brother will too.)

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