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looking great once again :thumbup




figures it comes from you


al leiters era is almost 7.


it doesn't matter that we've won 6/7. scoring 5 runs with our team there should be no reason why we didn't win. i could do a lot more things with 8 million dollars than waste it on al leiter.


now on the other hand, would you figure would u pay that much money on al leiter to teach the other pitchers such as beckett and burnett and dontrelle.. of course, but i think as for his pitching days its ntime to hang up the cleats


Figures the whining comes from you.


It's only May, oh no, an ERA of "almost 7" in May.

Come crying in August or September and say the investment wasn't worth it, until then, stop crying every five minutes.


And without our "waste of a pitcher" in Leiter, how do we know our other pitchers would do this well? I think Leiter is worth the money, even if it's just here to teach our younger pitchers .. he isn't as bad as you are making him sound. He has a few bad outings and he's garbage? You make a few bad posts/topics and I haven't called you garbage yet.


There's more than two months in baseball.

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for real, i've always been a big leiter fan and want to give him a chance but two months in, he's been awful. i just looked up some of his stats: 2 quality starts the whole year, guys are batting .308 off him and that's before tonight... seriously, what is wrong with him? we don't need him to be dominant, just so-so, but this is unacceptable. i'm not sure what the right move is at this point, but it feels like we're practically conceding the game by starting him at this point (even his last win was 5IP, 4R!).


I feel the same way. If we are supposed to give guys like JP and Lowell a chance and keep saying people like AGon dont have to bat like an allstar because his glove does enough, then our pitching should be dominant. We just cant give teams like the Braves any chance and we cant keep thinking that as long as we get the wildcard, well be fine. This is our year to shine and make names for ourselves and I hope upper management feels the same way. So whatever emotional ties the Marlins have with Leiter, I hope they get cut soon. :thumbdown

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