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Guest Juanky

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Guest Juanky

Baseball America, at the request of several users, has begun work on a list of the Top One Hundred Most Influential Users in Marlinsbaseball.com history. This list, to be released in installments, shows a glimpse of what life has been life in our site's three great eras: The Pre-October 2003 era, the Golden Era, and our current Instable Era. Without further adieu, here is today's portion of the list:


#100 bigfishfan

Joined- June 5th, 2003

Total Posts- 177 (0.2 per day)

Memories: A Dream Gone But Not Forgotten post


The last man on this list beat out a few other guys for one reason and one reason alone ? the infamous surrender thread after Game 3 of the 2003 World Series (Available Here. Of note, this guy really did nothing else to even make his name memorable or even stand out. However, those on the site that have begun to understand the power of the baseball gods could point to this thread as one of the reasons why the Fish were able to drop the Yankees in the series (they went 3-0 after its posting).


#99 Pudge07

Joined- May 5th, 2003

Total Posts- 1,778 (2.3 per day)

You May Remember Him As: Sportscenter (last used name)

Memories: Arguing bitterly with Wild Card over who won an MVP of the day thread


Pudge07, the pre-spoiled / teeny bopper board?s version of Marlins, except with a ghetto flare and not as big a need to post in every single damn thread. Not a day would go by without an argument between him and somebody else (most notably Ramp, who never passed up a chance to call him an idiot). His most shining (or disgraceful, depending on one?s point of view) times online were when he and Wild Card got into the most ridiculous argument of all time about who won that day?s edition of ?Pick Tonight?s MVP? in late 2003 and also when he decided that the only reason Miguel Cabrera had a solid time at the plate was because he didn?t want the Marlins to acquire Rondell White, and for no other reason beside that.


#98 geemoney

Joined- June 23rd, 2003

Total Posts- 2,593 (3.6 per day)

Memories: 2004 Pick the First Winner


Though some might not be thinking geemoney when they write up a list of the board?s most influential posters, he should definitely be included. He, along with Bradcore, essentially anchors the wrestling discussion. Also, while his posts often don?t make a huge amount of noise as far as reaction goes, he always adds to the conversation in a positive way. The Rick Helling of the board; not great, not overpowering, but can come in and contribute when need be.


#97 Burnettheat34

Joined- September 6th, 2002

Total Posts- 2,745 (2.7 per day)

Memories: Tag teaming with AJBurnett34 back in the day


This user might be on here due to his longevity on the site. When there were less people around, his opinion was stronger and his presence more visibly felt. One should only visit some of the earlier threads from the Hall of Fame to see how far he goes. However, since the early days of the board, poor BH34 has lost a bit of his touch and has seemed to fall out of the upper echelon of board users. If this list were done a year ago, maybe he cracks the Top 50. How far some have fallen.


#96 MarlinsChic24

Joined- August 26, 2003

Total Posts- 401 (1.3 per day)

Memories: Adventures in MB.com Blog World


My, oh my?..the potential that was never realized. When this member first appeared on the boards, she got the reaction that any female does in a male dominated environment ? instant attention. Then she talked about how she was close to turning 18, and how she played sports, and she posted pictures. Several guys who will remain nameless got a little bit too excited. When the blogs opened up, she used them as a channel to communicate some things from her personal life to the rest of the world ? and the members ate it up and asked for more. But she upped and disappeared, coming back only to mention she was going to her first Marlin game on Memorial Day (an eventual loss). Could she have risen to the ranks of HeatGirl03, -Ashley-, or (gasp) even Broadwaybaby84 as one of the upper ranking members of the board?s female community? The possibilities were endless. However, it to this day has yet to even start.


#95 AJBurnett34

Joined- September 2nd, 2002

Total Posts- 4,581 (4.5 per day)

Memories- The failed clone mb.com board


Everything in life follows a cycle. The board?s ancient days had Sportscenter, the Golden Days had Pubes, this era has Marlins. As far as people trying to be Admin or to take his job, the current era?s answer to Capefish was AJBurnett34. With Burnettheat34 to back him up when he got into arguments (and get into arguments he did), he would shamelessly pimp his board all over the place in part leading to the bigger enforcement of the no advertisement rule. He would attack different members for their use of html code, when in fact he had stolen all of his from Admin anyways. In recent times he has calmed down and appeared only when a conversation about pitching turns up, but no one will forget the past.


#94 FutureGM

Joined- July 6th, 2003

Total Posts- 3,372 (4.7 per day)

Memories- 2004 Presidential Election


One of the more vocal opponents to President Bush? re-election this past November, FutureGM makes most of his posts in the Marlins forum contrary to popular belief. However, his presences is most felt on the politics forum. The problem really isn?t that he doesn?t fail to talk, which is the opposite of the truth. He gets involved in plenty of conversations on all sorts of political issues. The issue is really that he?s never spearheading a debate, he?s never at the top of a voice for something, he rarely provides anything new to the table. To this point, he?s the equivalent of a sidekick ? chiming in to help you out from time to time to build your case, but not going to lead a campaign for you. Who knows if that big argument that will make his name is yet to come?..one thing that is known is that it hasn?t come yet.


#93 UberUbi

Joined- October 16th, 2003

Total Posts- 2,284 (3.7 per day)

You May Remember Him As: Strider (current)

Memories: Late Night chat room links to goatse


Maybe most famous for his sudden retirement from the boards in 2004 (leaving until Rasul Butler scored his first point, and in doing so under a different incarnation), Ubi made his name in the game threads. With several random pictures and curious text based smilies, this anime loving user was a sentimental favorite amongst some around the board collective. In the old mb.com chat rooms, he would gain the attention of BB84 seemingly for doing absolutely nothing. He was considered by many a rising star during the Golden Era, one of the members of MB.com?s Generation X. But then, poof. He?s gone. He has since returned, but not with the influence and stride he once had. Will he return to his old flare now that summer is once again upon us? Time can only tell.


#92 FishFan24

Joined- September 24th, 2003

Total Posts- 4,271 (6.7 per day)

Memories- Niner?s biggest fan


A similar poster to FutureGM, except he spreads his abundance of agreeing talent to many sectors of the board, whether it be the Outfield, the Media forum, or the Marlins forum. What does set him apart however is his unwavering faith in his favorite player, Jeff Conine, his good taste in music, and his friendship with Miri. Though he doesn?t always come out with things that would start conversation, he?s a nice equivalent to a middle relief hitter or a 6 or 7 hitter ? keep the line moving and keep the conversation flowing. Would Marlins baseball be a horrible place if this user was removed? I honestly can?t say it would be. However, would it be better served? Definitely not ? the role players are easily forgotten and hardest missed.


#91 CitanX

Joined- July 17th, 2003

Total Posts- 609 (0.9 per day)

Memories- Exposing OMGNu?ez?s steroid use


Owner of perhaps the greatest post in the history of MarlinsBaseball.com, CitanX has had some other worthy additions as well. His humor, by those who understand it, is amazingly witty and though can sometimes miss when it does hit it hits you falling out of your chair hard. No better was this seen than during Spring Training and the beginning of the 2004 season, when the world of mb.com was obsessed with one Abraham Nu?ez and his 10 Spring Training homers. During some offensive troubles (ring a bell?), he theorized a lineup that would consist of clones and some players taking up two bats for double efficiency ? easily one of the better single posts in mb.com history (can be found under the nomination for best single post in site history). However, just before that, came the post that shook the Marlin world ? the post that exposed the use of steroids by one Abraham Nu?ez. The internet world has yet to recover.

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Guest Fritz

CitanX's post did freaking pwn.





:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol


:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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:thumbup GREAT job.


Pudge07, the pre-spoiled / teeny bopper board?s version of Marlins, except with a ghetto flare and not as big a need to post in every single damn thread.


The board?s ancient days had Sportscenter, the Golden Days had Pubes, this era has Marlins.


:lol :thumbup It's nice to get mentioned already.

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Guest Juanky

Amazingly, that was really good.


How often will a new list of 10 be released?


I'm going to try to do one a day, but if I honestly thought that was going to be possible I'd be lying to you. Got a tough stretch coming up, however I'm going to try my best to get it done in under two weeks. Apologies ahead of time if a day or two passes without a list.

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