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Marlins vs. Giants- 08/13/05

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My wonderful people....Here's an interesting group outing that I am in the midst of planning....What is it exactly you might ask?! Well, it's a Marlins game!!!!! Marlins vs Giants...yes, those Giants are back again....let's have a little rematch of earlier this season and the 97 and 03 playoffs.....so here's my lil scheme to make the Giants shrink into lil ants.....


Let's catch a game....Saturday, August 13th @ 6:05pm

Where at: Dolphins Stadium or Joe Robbie...

Who: ALL OF YOU!!!!!


Marlins ticket with a Jeff Conine T-shirt for $22.....you can't beat that....you're getting a $40+ deal for $22 bucks....(I don't get anything for selling this, btw, it's just an attempt to get people I haven't seen or spoken to in a while at the same place)


Plus, a getty at Conine's Clubhouse Grille after the game...............which in all honesty...yeah, this place should be kickin this night................


Check out the flyer, I'm attaching....If you are interested, just drop me a line....and i'll send you the form..










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I'll try to get a buddy to catch a flight from St. Louis to Miami with me(like a last ditch vacation effort lol). I have baseball tryouts for my college that morning, but that will be done by 10 am, and I could be in St. Louis by 11:30 to hop on a plane to Miami...be a good way to spend my last week before school starts back up.

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