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How many songs do you have downloaded on your computer?


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wow... thats amazing... 20 hrs like w/ music, thats a good 2 weeks normal use per change right?


I honestly dont have a good grasp on how long the battery has been for me. It charges when its with my computer, in my ipod speakers, and in the car. The only time it isnt is when I'm working out or a few other random times.

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so the battery is really endless... went with all the accessories too.. use it for video at all?


Ive had the speakers since I had my first iPod, the 20GB one.


I have the car charger because I use my iTrip alot.


I have 3 music videos, a few movie trailers, some clips I made and from iTunes I got some Office episodes and also Green Day's Bullet In A Bible concert.

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