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Big Belli Back In Boston


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The Boston Red Sox have finalized a trade to obtain catcher Doug Mirabelli from the San Diego Padres in exchange for catcher Josh Bard, minor-league pitcher Cla Meredith and cash, ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney is reporting.


Mirabelli, Tim Wakefield's normal catcher last season when Mirabelli was with the Red Sox, will be in the starting lineup Monday night against the Yankees.


The Yankees also tried to obtain Mirabelli to keep him from returning to the Red Sox.


The Red Sox traded Mirabelli to the Padres for second baseman Mark Loretta in December. The Padres' compensation in this latest deal is still unclear.


Mirabelli had been Wakefield's personal catcher in Boston before being traded. In 2005, he batted .228 in just 136 at-bats in 50 games. This season, he is batting .182 in 22 at-bats for the Padres.


He is a career .240 hitter with 47 homers and 165 RBI in 459 career games for Boston, Texas, San Francisco and San Diego.


Bard, who has caught Wakefield's five starts in 2006, leads the major leagues with 10 passed balls.



Saying I'm happy would be an understatement.

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praise the lord...


mirabelli and loretta > some cash i think it was 100,000 bard, meredith.


hell yea this move had to be made because i was getting headaches and just complete paranoid about every pitch thrown.


This has brighten up my whole day.

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They really needed him, Bard cant catch wakefield


bard was on average to have 77 passed balls. can't have that. didn't like bard too much......mirabelli , ESPN said he got to the park, 10 minutes prior to gametime. he touched down in the airport at 6:55..police escort to the stadium..wow

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Why would the Yankees want to block the path for them to get Doug? Anyways, Great move by Boston. I guess that makes their rotation stronger too, maybe that's why the Yankees wanted to block that move.


It really wasn't like they were trying to acquire him, they were just slowing down talks so he wouldn't make it time for the game today.


Move already playing dividends. He almost hit one out today if it weren't for that wind.

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Found this over on Deadspin from a Red Sox msg board regarding Doug Mirabelli. Hilarious stuff.


7:02 am PDT: Awoken at home by phone call from Kevin Towers. Learns he?s traded to Boston. Calls Towers a pickle smoker and tells him San Diego is for pussies anyway.

7:05: Takes 40 naked cuts in front of a mirror.

7:07: Packs a duffel bag with 10 tank tops, 5 pairs of tight jeans, and no underwear. Announces ?Dougie?s going commando? to no one in particular.

7:08: Kills it.

7:10: Calls Wake, tells him ?Dougie?s going deep tonight!? Wake says it?s getting dusty in here. Dougie calls him a pantywaist.

7:15: Takes cologne shower. Uses Stetson.

7:21: Drives to the airport. Uses the shoulder to bypass traffic. Flips the bird to drivers who make faces. Screams "Stay nancy, San Diego!" when someone honks at him.

7:38: Parks Escalade in front of terminal. Flips keys to airport police officer.

7:40: Passes through airport security. Refuses to remove 4" belt buckle for metal detector. Offers to show TSA his security wand.

7:42: Gets three orders of chicken parm at Sbarro.

7:43: Finishes chicken parm. Belches.

7:44: Calls Nomar's house. Asks for Mr. Hamm and hangs up.

7:55: Boards First Class to Logan. Orders five Sambucas and a meatball sub.


Continued... Perhaps only Sawx fans will find this humorous.

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2:45: Calls Chien-Ming Wang on Airfone using Chan Ho Park's JCB card. Tells him the bombs we dropped on his country are nothing compared to the bombs Dougie's going to drop on Wang tonight. Says "Wang" a few more times, laughs. Hangs up.



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