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HI. I am new to this forum, but have been looking at it for a long time -- MUCH better than the forum on the "official" site.


I thought I would post a shorter version of something I posted there. In june, Big O from WQAM opined that he thought Loria should go to the Miccosoukees for $$ to build a stadium and/or pay for players.


Shortly thereafter, the left field tribute to the tribe appears at PPS out of nowhere.


Shortly thereafter, FOX Sports Net and PAX are airing casino commercials!


I think there is something goin on......I say Loria should sell a minority interest in the Marlins to the Miccosoukees. They apparently have TONS of cash -- could either help build a stadium OR could help support a larger payroll.



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Welcome,enjoy having fun here.

good point Laz..............





I heard a bit on this from I don't know where (radio?). Its no secret they and most other (Indian) nations operating casinos have lots of cash. We obviously like their advertising money. Interesting observation Marlinsfanatic and welcome to the boards, you've no need to backtrack to that sorry a$$ "official site."

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Here's the scoop on the Indians ---


Their major focus right now is to win full-scale casino gambling for their hotel on Tamiami Trail. This is a direct result of pressure on the state of Florida to lower the public school class sizes (as required by voters about 2 years ago). The only way I can see for that to happen is (ta-da) full scale legalized casino gambling (as a revenue source to fund the class size initiative). The Indians only have a scaled down casino right now, and while they would like a full-scale casino, they need to find a way to prevent the big hotels on Miami Beach from doing it too and therefore blowing their Tamiami hotel off the map.


Our friend Jeb Bush is having many sleepless nights worrying about this - his right-wing self sez "No casinos", and his voter mandate sez "Raise money without raising taxes".


The Mics have to decide to 1) raise their profile by getting more involved with the Marlins, or 2) lay low and lobby against casinos for anyone but themselves.

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thx for the info 2266. interesting stuff....


it'll be a cold day in helll when we see full-scale legalized casino gambling on miami beach IMO. it's just one of those stupid morality things people will never get over. indian gaming casinos=ok. casinos anywhere else=bad. whatever.


i was also interested to find out where the money from the florida lotto goes. from what I understood, it was supposed to mean extra money for the schools (which was why everyone was for it). well apparently what the state does is, for example if the lotto funds mean 50 million for schools, they just use 50 million that they had earmarked for schools previously & spend it elsewhere. it's not any extra money. it's just using the lotto money so they can spend elsewhere. not a bad thing necessarily, but I don't think that's what people had in mind when it started.


anyway i'm all for it. lets build the micosukee stadium & put slot machines in the aisles for all i care. :hat

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