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Current Marlins Jerseys/Shirts


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Oh... Does the stadium ship?


Do they have a stadium store?


They have customizable shirts on the Marlins website store. You can pick the number and name. That's what I would do.


But those look kinda blah :thumbdown

I agree. I got my replica Conine jersey from MLB.com. Their shipping takes forever.

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They have the Uggla shirts at the stadium store, not sure about Marlins En Miami. We saw them on display at the stadium yesterday.



Thanks. Argh...I cant get to the stadium for another few weeks. I want an UGGLA shirt :mad . I wanted to sport my Uggla shirt when I go on vacation.


Got Uggla? shirt :lol


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at the stadium I saw Jacobs, Hanley, Uggla, Hermida, Willingham... thats it



*cashes a huge check so I can buy them*


I want them all.


What did they look like? Black? Pink?


Normal ones Holly... Black Marlins in teal and silver across the chest, on back same colors with name and nuber


does anyone know if the marlins en miami store has the "throwback" teal marlins jersey or anywhere where i can get that jersey ????



Ebay is the way to do dude! :thumbup

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