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Astros @ Fish, 6:05 PM, 15 Jul 06


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At beautiful Dolphin Stadium in Miami, FL


Our guy:


# 55 Josh Johnson, RHP

8-4, 2.21




Their guy:


#21 Andy Pettite, LHP

7-9, 5.28


JJ has been very impressive so far this season, espicially when going up against some of the best pitchers in the game. Lets hope he keeps it up.



Pettite has had kind of a down year for him, which incidentially started with his first start of the season, against the Fish.


JJ just needs to keep on keeping on. What he's doing is working.


Fish need to just be patient and attact Pettite like they did in their first game against Petitte this season.




You stay classy Phil Garner

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Don't forget about Olivo. It's his birthday too! Here's to the birthday boy's going back to back tonight :bases_homerun: :bases_homerun: .... hopefully



Ok then we must promise not to say anything negative in this thread about those 2 players. (Even if Reggie is stinking worse then usual) We can do this guys! :thumbup

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