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Very stupid article by some guy named Charles in the PBP

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Such a deal: A-Rod perfect for Marlins

By Charles


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Happy birthday, Alex Rodriguez. If at age 31 you grow tired of the boos at Yankee Stadium, come home to South Florida.


Booing is not a big problem here. When the Marlins win a World Series every half-dozen years, it's just one sweaty bandwagon of love. Between title runs, you can throw sidearm past first base, second base and home in virtual privacy.


Think about it, A-Rod. Say goodbye to the Bronx jeers of "E-Rod." Leave behind your American League-leading 18 errors and your troubles at the plate and come to the place where fans either worship you or go snorkeling.


Admittedly, there are few signs you are going anywhere by Monday's trading deadline. Despite a whirl of rumors, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman says dealing Rodriguez, who grew up in Miami, is "not something even being considered." For their part, the Marlins say they do not anticipate any blockbuster moves.


Well, it's not quite as daunting as it appears.


The Texas Rangers, who signed the original $252 million deal with Rodriguez, have agreed to subsidize a big chunk of that salary though 2010. The Yankees are paying him about $15 million this year.


Even carrying A-Rod at the Yankees' rate, Florida's total payroll would be half of what it was in 2005. The Marlins would remain the most frugal club in baseball with a payroll of $30 million, substantially lower than Tampa Bay's $35.4 million.


The Marlins might have to give up Dontrelle Willis or Miguel Cabrera, but think of what they'd get in return: A reigning MVP with hometown roots on a team already outperforming expectations and pushing back toward .500.


What better face on the marqee to kick-start the campaign for a new stadium? After all, the need for fresh stadium revenue is the rationale behind the payroll contraction that owner Jeffrey Loria ordered up before this season.


Turning over much of the payroll to a megastar in his 30s worked for the Heat and Shaquille O'Neal.


In Florida, Rodriguez would have a manager who understands what it means to be pilloried in pinstripes. Former Yankees catcher Joe Girardi served as the team's bench coach before taking the Marlins job.


When he initially joined the Yankees in 1996, coming from Colorado to replace popular catcher Mike Stanley, fans did not even wait until he played his first game to voice their displeasure.


"I got booed the first month and a half, and I didn't even do anything,'' Girardi said. "I got booed before I got there.


"They loved Stanley, and he was a home-run hitter. I got booed at the FanFest. ... I got signs on opening day - 'Go Back to Colorado.' "


It did not let up until May 14, 1996, when Dwight Gooden took the mound with Girardi catching.


"I got booed until Gooden threw his no-hitter, and then it all started to change," Girardi said.


So Girdardi can feel for A-Rod.


"Obviously he's made more errors than he is used to making and people are used to seeing him make, but I still think every day you put him in the lineup," Girardi said. "He's an impact player and he can change the complexion of the game.


"I think he takes most of the heat because he's supposed to be 'The Guy,' " Girardi said. "If and when he comes out of it, it's going to make him a better player."


Alas, Girardi also says "I really believe we're done trading" for the season.


For four days, we can dream.


They're calling you E-Rod? Flee, Rod. Come home.But we can fantasize before the clock runs out. The scenario is not quite as outlandish as it might sound: The highest-paid player in baseball goes to the team with the lowest payroll. He makes $25 million a year. The Marlins pay $15 million to their whole team. Doesn't add up, right?


And here, A-Rod could return to shortstop, where he belongs. The Yankees never even approached captain Derek Jeter to change positions. Certainly the Marlins could have that conversation with Hanley Ramirez

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I can understand the initial reasoning, basically the Shaq factor. Miami is very much an event town, and for something to be popular, it needs to have a certain coolness factor.


Thing is, it would only be a temporary boost. Eventually the same problems with the ballpark, the weather, the financial terms of the lease etc will still remain. So the flare in attendances would probably die down, and we'd be no better off.


I think the key to having a successful baseball team is for the day out at the ball park experience to be so good that people will come, regardless of how the team itself is performing. All of the little details such as parking/transportation, comfortable seating, shielding from heat/rain, great concession stands at good prices, and so on need to be just right. Getting a ballpark that can offer a hassle free guaranteed successful day out is the key.

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That would be Charles Elmore. And HE is one of those bandwagon fans that he is talking about. Sometimes he has some interesting things to say but mostly he is just bashing any Florida team...unless they just won a Championship. And then not for long.

Doak is mostly right about the attendance thing and the ballpark experience tho. The threat of rain outs/delays are a huge factor for people from PBC and north for not going to games alot of times. Especially during the week when a couple hours worth of rain delays means not getting home much before it's time to get up and go to work. But after the novelty of the new pond wears off attendance will once again drop to one of the lowest in the league.

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contray to what everyone says...very few diehards are booing A-Rod. My friends who are Yankees fans (except one friend who hates A-Rod for other reasons) like A-Rod. My one friend will cheer for A-Rod because he is trying...too hard, but my friend cheers effort.


This whole thing is blown out of proportion. These people reporting on the A-Rod fiasco should go to NY and at least see for themselves who is booing A-Rod...the bandwagoners who think that every Yankee should be perfect and they should win every game.


Charles, Goldy, Everyone in America who thinks A-Rod is beeing booed by every fan and/or everyone who thinks A-Rod should be booed...I have a challenge for you: Go to the bleachers, ask those fans what they think. Then write your story.

Thank you.

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