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What were they thinking?

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What were the Marlins thinking trading away Josh Wilson for virtually nothing, therefore handing the starting AAA Shortstop job to Robert Andino. This evening as I was looking over the AAA box scores I noticed that Wilson, who is currently with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (AAA afiliate of the Colorado Rockies) had a pretty good evening going 4-5 with a hr, double and 2 singles... which made me wonder how his Albuquerque predecesor was doing, I looked over the Isotopes box score and saw he went 0-5. I am not simply focusing on this single evening though. Wilson overall has always generally hit for a higher average, with more power and has been a better run producer than Andino. Also this was not a defensive upgrade, Wilson has always been a smooth fielder which is shown in his .974 fielding percentage thus far to Andino's .964. Historically Wilson has also been better in his defense ranking 2nd in fielding percentage in the PCL last year with a .972 mark. After coming of the DL in June with a slow start Wilson has been on fire raising his average to .313 with 8hr and 41rbi while cutting down on his strikeouts( 36 in 79 games). So far in 115 games Andino carries a .254 batting average with 8hr and 43rbi in 115 games. This means not only is Wilson's batting average better by nearly 60 points but he is producing roughly the same amount of runs batted in and the same number of home runs in 36 fewer games. So I ask you Marlins fans how you feel regarding this questionable decision.

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You left out the key stat: Josh Wilson will be 26 come opening day next year, while Robert Andino will be 22.


show me age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


































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Wilson would have looked good on our bench but that is why we have Pasta. Andino will probably be traded anyway, but he is our best defensive SS. He will be there in case Shadez ever goes down. In the off-season we may see a move of some sort...I fantasize a trade of Andino for Trevor Crowe (Cf being made into 2nd baseman due to his incredible potential and overwhelming depth the tribe have in CF) A move of this type would be greatly beneficial for both Clubs

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