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Jon Lester to be tested for cancer


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Ugh, it is totally irresponsible for the Boston media to sensationalize this and. Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused by a host of things, including a simple infection. To be tested for cancer is a normal procedure and done for precautionary reasons as are other thousands of other ailments, none that are immediately as "possible cancer".


Boston is really milking these injuries and illnesses. Does everything have to be presented as tragic before the results are in?

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Jon Lester has been diagnosed with a treatable form of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and will begin treatment within the coming week.


The Red Sox didn't say what that treatment would be, but chemotherapy seems likely. Lester's season is obviously over with this news. Hopefully, the chemotherapy takes care of the cancer and he can at least have a normal life soon enough.


This is absolutley horrible news. I really hope for the best. I have had a family member with lymphoma who responded to the treatment real well. I'm sure Jon will as well.


Source: http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/reds...r_update_1.html

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He starts chemo on Friday.


Keep him in your thoughts.



Oh without question. Isn't it true that they actually caught this due to some pain he had following a car accident? Combine that with the fact that they caught it early, and talk about a blessing in disguise. Luckily due to them catching it early and such, he has a great shot at a full recovery and heck, we might see him back on the mound next year.

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