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Beckham to L.A. Galaxy


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Pele didnt work for bringing Soccer to the heights of the NFL, MLB at the time period either.


For a short period, he did. The mid to late 70's Cosmos teams were awesome -- Carlos Alberto, Pele, Chinaglia, Beckenbauer. Check out the movie "Once in a lifetime". Great movie about the rise and fall of soccer in America. At one point they were selling out Giants Stadium -- routinely.

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Maybe this will get mls on the map...


This isn't going to make many people accross the U.S. soccer fans. It might intrigue them, make them tune into a game or 2, but it won't make MLS much bigger than it is. Alot of people don't even know it exists. On the other hand, his wife...big fan of hers.


The main problem that I think is plaguing MLS is not the lack of superstar players, but the way just about all the newspapers and media outlets treat MLS as a minor league sport. Even when Tampa had the Mutiny, the St. Pete times pretty much kept them relegated to the back page. If news papers and media outlets treat the MLS is a minor league sport, people will continue to have the thought that this is just a minor league, la dee da dee da. Hopefully, this will change that, so more americans will can gain interest and will play soccer, and in the future, we could actually compete in the World Cup.


Ok, Miami needs to get a MLS team so we can have a chance to see him.


It could happen again. Miami does have a new Soccer team called Miami FC. They play at Tropical Park, in the U.S. 1st Division. Some teams in the 1st Division are actually building soccer specific stadiums with the possibilities of joining MLS. Since new teams in MLS are required now to have one. I know the Rochester Rhinos, and Atlanta Silverbacks are in the process of building Soccer Stadiums in phases. Rochester is expected to have a 20,000 seat stadium, and Atlanta is going to end up with a 15,000 seater. Miami, might do the same in the future, who knows.

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The Micheal Jordan of Soccer is comming to America.


ESPN *click meh*



It appears its going to cost L.A. 250,000,000 over the next 5 years? Holy crap!












freakin awesome (obviously way to much $ for a player who's peak performance is in the past but a very exciting day for MLS nonetheless.



Bring Ray and our soccer team back!

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Pele didnt work for bringing Soccer to the heights of the NFL, MLB at the time period either.


For a short period, he did. The mid to late 70's Cosmos teams were awesome -- Carlos Alberto, Pele, Chinaglia, Beckenbauer. Check out the movie "Once in a lifetime". Great movie about the rise and fall of soccer in America. At one point they were selling out Giants Stadium -- routinely.



great movie, I really enjoyed it when I saw it :) But they were still losing money and it helped the cosmos but couldnt keep the league together and going.


I just dont see anyway that MLS can become as big as Hockey or Basketball in the USA. Let alone football or NCAAF.


Unless of course we somehow win the World Cup and they get it put on every saterday and friday nights in the offseason of NCAAF and get people watching like that.

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The Beckham tsunami landed on Major League Soccer shores Thursday, a once-in-a-lifetime lightning strike that promises to significantly inflate ticket sales, publicity and general awareness in the 12-year-old operation.


News that the illustrious David Beckham has joined MLS is easily the most significant announcement in or around the league since Alan Rothenberg and his money men first revealed details of the operation prior to its 1996 launch.





David Beckham will garner attention for his various hairstyles as well as for his play.

"This is a huge step forward for the league, that we can attract someone of that stature means so much," New England Revolution coach Steve Nicol said.



Beckham's departure from global heavyweight Real Madrid and subsequent presence in America is certain to deliver an unrivaled wave of publicity not just for MLS, but for domestic soccer generally. This side of a highly implausible U.S. World Cup championship, nothing could even come close to creating such buzz.



Freddy Adu's trade, by far the most high profile personnel swap in MLS history, merited just a small headline or even less in most U.S. dailies.


By comparison, Beckham's signing, announced late Thursday morning, will generate large-type headlines throughout the world. And it will expose the league to people and places that otherwise wouldn't know Major League Soccer from a major motion picture.



"Beckham is global," Real Salt Lake coach John Ellinger said, "LA will have the chance to go play in other countries and have other opportunities, and the rest of us will hopefully try to do the same thing."



Beckham's value in terms of raw ticket sales can't be overstated. One MLS official, when alerted of Beckham's signature, immediately scratched two matches off his 2007 "worry" list in terms of selling seats.


He knew two sellouts are all but guaranteed (when the Galaxy comes to town) without the club's sales staff breaking much of a sweat.



Every MLS general manager and sales director immediately reached for the 2007 schedule (still unofficial) to see which club would be lucky enough to land the former England captain's debut match in August.


(That, by the way, surely will be the toughest ticket ever in MLS history, far pricier on the street than any previous MLS Cup match or All-Star contest. Imagine that: MLS is suddenly prominent on every serious ticket scalper's radar.)



Nor can the midfielder's value in terms of publicity be overestimated. A day before the signing, at the mere whisper of Beckham possibly inching closer to joining MLS, league spokesman Dan Courtemanche was besieged with queries from domestic and foreign media.



Courtemanche says he previously was alerted that, if Beckham were to sign with MLS, SNTV would file a daily report, available worldwide, from wherever the ballyhooed Englander landed. (Think of SNTV as a sort of global, electronic version of the Associated Press.)



New England's Nicol also suggested that Beckham's signature on an MLS contract can help attract younger, aspiring Beckhams to join the 13-team league. He says MLS just became a more attractive, viable option for the world's A-plus young talent.




"Younger players are going to be more willing to look at the league now," Nicol said. "And when one does it, others are more willing to try it after that. Hopefully, there are more Beckhams to come."


Nicol also said Beckham can raise the standard of league play. Not because he's so singularly talented, but because of the ripple effect.


"Everybody is going to be giving their all every single time on the field against David Beckham," he said. "So, every game will be more competitive. The league is very competitive anyway, and if it's possible, will get even more so."





Steve Davis is a Dallas-based freelance writer who covers MLS for ESPNsoccernet. He can be reached at [email protected]



5 years $250 million ($50 mil a year) for the biggest star ANY sport has and will ever have ... and lets not get started on image contracts because Beckham will have 100% property of his rights.


lets see if it works. Ill get into it later but I jsut wanted to share the news.


damn where is the Miami Fusion when I need it ...

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this doesnt really much credibility to the MLS in my opinion but it certainly gives it something to look at and a serious ticket ... plus it opens it up for a worldwide market


to me its a complete publicity stunt since beckham has always said that his dream is to break the american market but it gets me a little pumped up and hopefully it will create a bigger buzz about the sport in the US

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Where the hell does that money come from? No one cares about the MLS. Americans couldn't care less about soccer.




Right there is NO ONE in America who likes soccer. :rolleyes:




Think about what your saying. Doesnt the MLS have the right to try and promote their league (sport). Im not saying it will work but at least they are giving it a shot. And who's to say that other stars won't follow his lead?


If you think they won't have sellouts everywhere the Galaxy are playing you are dead wrong.

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talk about overpaying, but i guess that is the cost of getting a big name in soccer to move over the pond.


beckham will bring name recognition, but to consider him the Michael Jordan of soccer is a little crazy..


Guy is probably one of the most overrated soccer player in recent times.. Gets all the hype because he is a pretty good player (there are many better), but because he has good looks, and is married to a former spice girl.


good signing by the mls to get some interest but it is too much money, and I have no idea where they got it from..


hell Red Bull paid $100 million for the NY team, and DC united just sold for around $33 million.

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