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MB Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League


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i think it should be capped at 12 teams... if you have any more than that the free agent pool is all most none existent, like at 16 teams or higher, even 14 or more teams is pushing it you just dont have a decent reserve of players for ALL the teams if someone loses a key player. btw my team name is Luisville Sluggers. talk to you more on draft day!


I agree that 12 should be the limit as well

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Guest FishFanInPA

Just want to float an idea out to all of you.....Anyone down with doing an AIM Auction draft that would be conducted in two parts????

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Hi all,

sorry for being late!

I have just registered my team (the usual Euphorioa Red Shoes) and I am sure my frined Max will do the same in a few hours if that's ok for you.

Can't wait to enjoy the Marlinsbaseball.com league as all the past years...



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