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Lindstrom triggers 102: In the eighth inning Wednesday night, reliever Matt Lindstrom was bringing big-time heat.


According to one reading on the stadium radar gun topped out at 102 mph. Consistently, the right-hander's fastball was between 96-98 mph.


"If it was 102, great," Lindstrom said. "That whole radar thing is weird. It depends on the radar angle."


A native of Rexburg, Idaho, Lindstrom says his father follows his games on the MLB.TV package.


After his scoreless inning Wednesday, where he struck out two, Lindstrom received a phone call from his father.


"You're a freak," Lindstrom said his father told him.


The 6-foot-4 Lindstrom is highly athletic. He can dunk a basketball with both hands, and he throws a baseball 100 mph. Now, whether that reading was accurate or not, he isn't sure.


Lindstrom said he felt better throwing in Houston in April, where he touched 100 mph a couple of times. He believes he has reached 100 about six or seven times this season.


In playing winter league ball in Puerto Rico in 2006, he says he was clocked once at 102 mph. The first time he reached 100 was in 2004, while he was in the Mets' system in the Florida State League.


Lindstrom's Dad was right he is a Freak!

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The Palm Beach Post had a note that the radar gun is notoriously inaccurate.


Throwin' heat: Matt Lindstrom's father was watching the Marlins' game on TV Wednesdya night in Idaho when his son hit 102 mph on the PNC Park radar gun.


"He called me up and said: 'You're a freak. I don't know where you came from,' '' Lindstrom said.


Lindstrom wasn't convinced the reading was accurate. A few years ago, the same scoreboard had A.J. Burnett at 106 mph.


"It might have been a fluke,'' said Lindstrom, who also hit 98 and 97. "If it was 102, great. If it wasn't, that's fine, too.''


The Miami Herald ran a similar note as well:




Don't believe the pitch-speed scoreboard readings at PNC Park.


A couple of years ago, one of A.J. Burnett's fastballs was clocked at a beyond-belief 104 miles per hour, only to be recalibrated to 99.


The mechanism remains out of whack.


On Wednesday, a fastball thrown by Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom registered 102 miles per hour.


Though Lindstrom is a hard thrower who has touched 100 in the past, even Lindstrom's father couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the triple-digit readings while watching Wednesday's game from the family home in Idaho.


Lindstrom said his father phoned after the game to say it was ''crazy'' -- further proof that father knows best.


A stadium employee said Wednesday's readings were inflating pitch speeds by about 2 miles per hour. And he said Thursday's readings were off by about 3 miles per hour.

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Throwing hard automatically equals disabled list? Not to say he wont get injured at some point, but plenty of hard throwing relievers have good and long careers.

No being a florida marlins pitcher automatically equals disabled list.

:lol true

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