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Matt Dominguez


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He's a high school player. If he does make the big leagues, it won't be for another 4-6 years, perhaps longer. Before he makes the big leagues, he becomes trade bait or just provides organizational depth.


This says nothing about Miggy. Relax. It's not like the NBA or NFL where a mid to high first round pick means you give that pick every opportunity to take over his position.

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From CNN/SI:


14. Matt Dominguez 3B, California HS

A bit overshadowed by teammate Moustakas and fellow California third baseman Vitters, Dominguez was a little lost in the fray this spring. However, in comparisons to the two aforementioned players, Dominguez stood out with professional-ready defense, which is the biggest knock on the other two. Dominguez doesn't have huge power but it plays as average for the position, and he has enough strength to add to the frame that he could be looking at 30 home runs in the right scenario.

Reminds me of: Joe Crede.


Joe Crede? Yuck.


Although it would be good to finally see some "D" at the hot corner.

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And here's another scouting report, from MILB.com:


Focus Area Comments

Hitting Ability: Good solid bat with power potential.

Power: Dominguez's power grades out as average to a tick above, with some room for growth.

Running Speed: He's fairly athletic, but speed isn't one of his better tools.

Arm Strength: His arm graded out as average at the showcase.

Arm Accuracy: Again, an average skill, but he's got enough arm to stay at third base.

Fielding: He's played some shortstop in high school, but will be too big to stay there at the next level. He should be a capapble third baseman.

Baseball Instinct: Dominguez is a real "baseball player" who plays the game the right way.

Physical Description: Big, strong corner infield type with room for growth. Has drawn comparisons to Travis Fryman

Medical Update: Healthy.

Strengths: Bat, especially power. Dominguez showed a little more pop at the showcase than he had in the past.

Weaknesses: Tools. He's solid average across the board, at least, but doesn't have one skill that overwhelms.

Summary: While teammate Mike Moustakas has been getting more buzz lately because of his torrid home run pace, Dominguez? skills should not be overlooked. He, too, can hit for power and should hit for average as well. At the same time, he?s considered to be one of the better defensive third baseman to come out of a draft in a long time. The whole package should make him a first round pick.



And another mock blurb, from Baseball Prospectus:


8. Colorado Rockies


After going the safe route at No. 2 last year with Greg Reynolds, the Rockies are looking for upside this year, focusing on some of the top tools players in the high school ranks. Moustakas and Georgia prep outfielder Jason Heyward have long been at the top of their lists, but a late entry has been Moustakas? high school teammate, Matt Dominguez. Possibly the top defender in the draft, Dominguez is a player who has risen on draft boards thanks to a strong late-season surge. He began the year as a top ten pick, slipped during the first part of the season, and now finishes where he started.


Pick: Matt Dominguez, 3B, Chatsworth HS (California)

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I'm very happy with the pick.


My immediate reaction is that it has nothing to do with Cabrera. We saw a guy we really liked and took him, nothing wrong with that. Should he ever make the big club I expect Cabrera to move to 1st base, but that won't be for a while.

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Matt Dominguez - 6'2 - 180lbs - Bats: R - Throws: R


Overall, I like this pick a lot, but I'm going to let this report that I obtained from a regional cross-checker do all the talking for me.


You know, everyone forgets just how good this kid really is because he played on the same team as Mike Moustakas at Chatsworth HS. Matt has extremely quick hands and fastballs will be no problem for him. He should be able to hit atleast .280/.370 with mid 20s in homeruns while he could hit 30+ someday. I've seen where some scouts have graded his arm as average. I have no clue what Matt Dominguez they are watching. He has a howitzer over at 3b and if the day comes where he is up in the bigs and that Cabrera guy is still at 3b, he has the athleticism to move anywhere on the diamond and his arm wouldn't be a problem. You have to remember that he is just 18 and he is going to get stronger too. He has a very strong lower body already and he kinda reminds me of a young Eric Chavez. As for signability, he has committed to Fullerton but he wants to play pro ball. He should be an easy sign. Matt is a tough nosed player and he would run through a wall for his teammates. He is exactly the kind of player I would want on my team. I've heard comparisons to Ryan Z immerman, and I tell you what... they're spot on. When he signs, go out and watch him, you'll thank me later.


Yea, I'd say that's better than anything I could have put together.

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