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Well, Who Do We Want?


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The way I see it, both teams come with their advantages and disadvantages.



Pro: Rest of baseball world will be rooting for the Marlins

Con: More than half of Pro Player will likely be Yankee fans


Red Sox

Pro: Not as many Boston fans will fill our house as Chicago or NY would

Con: Media will play up "curse" angle and most of country will be rooting for Sox


From a purely on-the-field standpoint, I think we'd more likely be able to beat the Yankees. Plus, the NY-FL sports rivalry is always a heated one. But in no way do I want to put up with all those transplant NYers in our house, and I want to see Millar back here...so go Boston!

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Very well put, D-Train.


The times that the Yankees played us in interleague play, it was almost as if they were the home team. I don't think that'll be the case as much now, because so many more Marlins fans will want to pack the house here, but I'm still a little worried about giving up the huge crowd noise advantage we get when we pack the house with 65,000.


That being said, we match up better against the Yankees, and I definitely do NOT want to give John Henry a chance to win the WS. Better the Yankees win it than him. I want him to feel like he made the most miserable investment of his life.


My verdict? I'm still undecided... but leaning toward the Red Sox because we should be able to beat them anyways and keep Henry away from the trophy.

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Being a lifelong Yankees fan, I would love to see the Marlins play the Yanks in the series. However I want the Red Sox for one reason: John Henry



I want him to see what he could have had and I want to personally thank him for putting us deeper into the hole that Huizenga put us in!!



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it dosen't really matter to me-i feel that we can beat the yanks and the red sox!!!!!!!!

after the way we've been playing i think we can beat anyone-well if we win the ws than we will be number and i guess that will show that we can beat anyone-so i really dont care who we play but i prefer to play the yanks.

Go Marlins!

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I think you guys have a better chance with the Yankees then the Red Sox. The Yankees have a very weak up the middle d which should benefit your team strengths. The Yankees have a deeper staff then the Red Sox, you have always like your chances facing Burckett. But with Giambi bat no where to be found right now, that offensive isn't clicking and increases their vulnerability. The Red Sox might have gotten out of their funk last night, which would make them a very dangerous team, capable of putting runs up in a hurry. When the AL batting champ bats seventh in your lineup, you have a strong one.

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