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Ever Wonder if Men and Lesbians Have Similar Tastes?

Guest Night Phantom

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Guest Night Phantom

Well, doesn't really look like it. Here's afterellen.com's list of the 100 hottest women, as chosen by the lesbian community:


1- Leisha Hailey

2- Angelina Jolie

3- Kate Winslet

4- Lena Headey

5- Sarah Shahi

6- Jennifer Beals

7- Tina Fey

8- Jordana Brewster

9- Salma Hayek

10- Natalie Portman


The explanation:

Let's face it: Maxim doesn't cater to lesbians. In fact, you could say it flies in the face of all that we hold dear, especially when it declares Lindsay Lohan the hottest of them all, as it did when it published The Maxim Hot 100 List last month. So we asked you, our readers, to create your own list of hotties, and you came out in droves to nominate the women you think deserve to be on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 List. Thousands of votes later, we have the results.


How is our list different from Maxim's? Eight of the top 10 women on our list aren't mentioned anywhere on the Maxim list (Angelina Jolie and Lena Headey are the exceptions), and only four of the women who made Maxim's top 10 (Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Lindsay Lohan) appear somewhere on the AfterEllen.com list.


Clearly, what straight men and lesbians find sexy in a woman is a little bit different.


"Hot" for lesbians and bisexual women comes in all ages, sizes, colors and styles, as the diversity of women on our list demonstrates ? from Tina Fey (No. 7) and Helen Mirren (No. 31), to Ellen DeGeneres (No. 50), America Ferrera (No. 30) and Queen Latifah (No. 55). There's even a conservative Republican in the mix (Angie Harmon, No. 82), proving we can still find a women sexy even if we don't agree with her alternative lifestyle choice.


The list also shows that we like women who like us ? slightly over half the women on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 List have played queer characters at one time or another. Eight of the women (nine, if you count Drew Barrymore) are openly lesbian or bisexual; they're noted with an asterisk (*) next to their name.


But there is one thing all the women on the list have in common: They're more than just pretty faces. Many of these women aren't just women we like, they're women we want to be like ? women we admire as well as desire.


On our list, heat has depth. And Leisha (No. 1) beats Lindsay (No. 79) by a mile.


Now, on to the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 List! The women are listed in ascending order according to your votes. We've provided photos and descriptions for the first 20 women, and after that, just names and photos. At the end, you can add your comments telling us what you think about the women who ended up on the list. Enjoy!



Some notables:

12- Scarlett Johanssen

15- Kiera Knightley

16- Jodie Foster

19- Halle Berry

28- Kate Beckinsale

38- Jessica Alba (ranked a spot under Pink)

41- Jessica Biel

43- Charlize Theron

58- Rachel McAdams

83- Elish Cuthbert

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I LOVE Tina Fey. Do I think she's hot? Not really. There is something really appealing about her, though. She seems like she would be a lot of fun and she is definately good looking to boot. That's her appeal.


As far as Jolie goes - she's not "disgusting looking" for God's sake! However, I agree that she skeeves me out and doesn't make my top anything list. That being said, IRL if she showed up in my bed nekked? I'd hit it before I blinked.

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Cant believe Elisha Cuthbert is so low.


I always figured her and the innocent "girl next door but might get freaky you never know" look she has going on would make her any lesbians fantasy.


Shes my fantasy. In a cheerleading or catholic school girl outfit.


I am sharing too much with you people.

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