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Santana to the Mets


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USA Today believes the Mets have landed Johan Santana from the Twins for Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Philip Humber.

A contract extension would still have to be worked out, so even if it is officially agreed to, this will likely linger through Friday at least. It's a pretty disappointing day for Twins fans. Both packages being discussed by the Red Sox and Yankees during the winter meetings seemed more attractive to us. Gomez and Guerra are big-time talents, but Gomez lacks plate discipline and might not fit in the top half of the lineup and an awful lot could go wrong before Guerra even sniffs the majors. Mulvey and Humber are third starters at best and probably more like fourths. It's a whole lot better than losing Santana for draft picks next winter, but we'd have taken a Phil Hughes or Jacoby Ellsbury package over this.


SI.com and FOXSports.com are confirming that the Mets and Twins have agreed to a Johan Santana trade and that the 72-hour window for a contract extension is in place.

According to Jon Heyman, people familiar with the Mets thinking say they'd like to keep it to a five-year contract while Santana is believed to be seeking a deal for six or seven years. Still, we doubt it'd go this far and then fall apart over money. Each team in the running for Santana had a pretty good idea of what it would take to sign him. Heyman also adds that the teams discussed possibly substituting reliever Jorge Sosa for Philip Humber in recent days, so Twins fans at least have a little something for which to be thankful.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Johan Santana told the Twins that he'd invoke his no-trade clause if the team didn't complete a deal for him on Tuesday.

That seems to run contrary to everything written about Santana's stance on potential trades prior to Tuesday, but it's possible that he became fed up after three months of rumors and non-news. The newspaper also speculates that Santana will receive a six-year deal from the Mets worth $130 million, but other reports have suggested that the Mets may not go beyond five years.


--- RotoWorld.com

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A healthy Pedro Martinez AND Johan Santana???? Are you kidding me, if they don't win the world series with this one-two punch they are definitely cursed! Is it safe to say that this pair is much better than that of the D'Backs Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling?



EDIT: Think they'll also go after Livan Hernandez? I wouldn't be surprised, Livan Hernandez is proven in pressure situations, so signing him is a must for a team like the Mets that can easily make it to the fall classic.


Potential rotation:


Johan Santana

Pedro Martinez

John Maine/Livan if they sign him.

Oliver Perez/John Maine

Orlando Hernandez



If they do sign Livan, Pelfrey can either go back to Triple-A or pitch out of the bullpen and occasionally make spot starts.

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Not sure what happened to the other thread, but I'll say it again.


This is one of the most lop-sided trades in recent memory.


Bill Smith was sitting at a poker table with Omar Minaya, Steinbrenner, and Theo Epstein and decided to overplay his hand.


See...his plan was to have the Red Sox and Yankees go into a bidding war over Johan, and obviously that didn't happen...so he rejects Ellsbury + Lester or Hughes+ Melky (The obvious better packages) in hopes that one team would step their offer up. Didn't happen, Next thing you know, the Red Sox AND Yankees are both are pulling back their offers and the all of the sudden, the Mets are the only team who can really afford Santana...So Minaya tells him that F-Mart is unavailable...so the Twins are like "Alright whatever" and just pretty much gave Santana away to the Mets.


Played horribly by Bill Smith.


The Mets come off as the huge winners, getting the best pitcher in baseball without giving up their top prospect and not giving up any elite prospects.


The Red Sox are winners in this as well, getting to keep Ellsbury, Buchholz, Lowrey, and Lester....oh and plus, he's not a Yankee and he's not in the American league anymore.


The Yankees are both winners and losers, but more losers in this trade. Sure they get to keep Hughes and Melky, but if they had gotten Santana it would have given them at least a legitimate shot at competing with the Red Sox. Now theres no way they can win the division, and to tell you the truth, they might not even win the wildcard now. If they landed Santana it would have automatically put them in the playoffs.


Finally, the Twins come up as the huge losers...giving up the best pitcher in baseball and nopt getting any highly regarded prospects in return.


Sure Gomez and Guerra, and the other two pitchers have potential...but it's a lot less likely that they become good than Ellsbury or Hughes.


Mets fans, consider yourselves lucky.


Your team just commited highway robbery.

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Is it safe to say that this pair is much better than that of the D'Backs Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling?


They probably are better than the former D'Backs pair, but not the current one IMO. I'll pick Webb and Haren over Pedro and Santana, mostly because I think Pedro is on the fall. He's never going to win 18 games again and even though he is healthy, he's not going to be dominating.


Still I think the Mets will have the second best rotation in the league (first being the Dbacks) and cumulatively Haren/Webb will post a lower ERA than Santana/Pedro. This is taking into account the division each pair is starting most of their games in aswell as their pure combined ability. Both Santana and Haren are coming over from different leagues so I expect NL hitters to struggle significantly against them at first. Expect monster first halfs from those two guys.


Santana is obviously the best pitcher out of the 4, but when considering the rest of the Mets rotation I think the D'backs will top them in overall rating. Alot of this depends on the kind of run support each guy gets (Santana and Pedro will get more) which is why they will probably finish with more wins.

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met fans shouldn't get happy yet. reports say that the whole deal could go down the toilet if santana isn't signed to an extension by 5 pm tomorrow.


Sources: Mets likely won't reach deal with Santana until Friday, if at all


By Jayson Stark



It appears the Mets' negotiations with the agents for Johan Santana won't be over quickly.


Sources familiar with those discussions said Thursday that while the talks may not go right to Friday's 5 p.m. ET deadline, the two sides were still far enough apart that it was unlikely any deal could be reached before Friday morning at the earliest.

The sources also left open the possibility that the talks could collapse without an agreement, though the odds of that appear remote.


Santana's agents, Peter and Ed Greenberg, are believed to be looking for a six-year extension in the range of $150 million -- a figure that would include an upfront payment that would boost Santana's 2008 salary ($13.25 million) to beyond $20 million.


The Mets, not surprisingly, differ on the dollars. But the biggest obstacle appears to be the length of the deal.


Indications are that the Mets want to limit the guaranteed portion of the extension to five years, not including Santana's current contract, which expires after 2008. So if Santana's side is adamant that the deal extend beyond 2013, it's believed the Mets would insist that the back end of the contract not be guaranteed, but could include at least one vesting option year.


In the meantime, there are signs that the Mets continue to express interest in free-agent pitcher Kyle Lohse. Lohse was viewed, essentially, as the Mets' backup plan in case they weren't able to trade for Santana. But when one baseball man who had spoken with Mets GM Omar Minaya was asked if the club could end up with both Santana and Lohse, the reply was: "Absolutely."



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met fans shouldn't get happy yet. reports say that the whole deal could go down the toilet if santana isn't signed to an extension by 5 pm tomorrow.



The sources also left open the possibility that the talks could collapse without an agreement, though the odds of that appear remote.

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Is no news good news (for marlins fans) ???


How sweet would it be (on a number of levels) to see this deal not get done by the 5pm MLB-imposed deadline? Santana's negotiating team is clearly in the driver's seat on this one as he's getting $13 million this year anyways and if he waits, probably eight or so teams will be vying for his services on the open market, and with only draft picks as compensation to the Twins, his value soars.


All Omar can do now is bend over and take it. The Mets have zero leverage. I would think the only reason Santana would have for signing now is if his late last season pitching woes are tied to some unknown ailment ala AJ Burnett 2002/2003.


And with all that's been written about what a bad trade this is by the Twins who waited too long to pull the trigger and only makes Beinfest and company look smart to have traded Cabrera when they did, you have to believe the Twins will pull back Santana at 5:01pm if given the chance or demand further inducement by the Mets, perhaps another player or replacing one of the picks with a higher ceiling prospect.



From what I just read it appears the deal is getting closer, the Mets have in fact caved now offering a six year extension and the MLBPA is pushing Santana's agents to make sure the number is OVER $150,000,000, to set a new benchmark for future pitching free agents.

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At 4:53 precisely, WFAN reported the Mets and Santana were about 10 million dollars apart, and that they might appeal for more time



Friday, Feb 1, 2008 4:53 pm EST


WFAN Radio in New York reported Friday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. that the New York Mets and pitcher Johan Santana remain about $10 million apart in an attempt to finalize a deal for the Cy Young Award winner by the 5 p.m. deadline. WFAN reported the two sides could apply to MLB for an extension.


According to WFAN, the Mets are offering a package worth about $152 million. The team, however, does not want to guarantee the sixth year of a new contract or would want to Santana to take a reduced amount in return for a sixth-year guarantee.

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There is a rumor of an extension as well as a statement alleged to be from the twins that they know nothing about an extension.


Were I them I would pull back Santana, tell the world he's staying and they'll take the draft picks. Then see who comes calling. Everyone now knows what Santana's price is and that they have to do better than the mets four player offer, so in some ways it makes things easier for everyone.

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